Saturday, November 23, 2019

Animal Crackers - Checking on a few Mom's to be..

Howdy -

Was out chatting with a few of our hopefully Mom's to be the other day... 

Well at least we assume that they are pregnant.. pray and hope... and well Bella looks pretty pregnant don't you think? 

Now I have others that are pretty wide and they are all the time it is just how they are. But well Bella isn't usually and she has that crooked pear shape we love to see in a very pregnant girl.

Lacey looks promising as well..

With all her pregnancies she always show early and carries low and wide. She has always given us beautiful babies... oh I am getting so excited! I can hardly stand it!!

Now this photo cracks me up!! Patti always have the best expressions on her face! She has so much personality! And scratching her chin on this stick must have felt so perfect for that itch.

Hoping she is pregnant as well... but she always has a bit of weight issue, and she is one of the older gals we put in to be bred. But I had to give her a chance again for a baby, as hers are always gorgeous... ok all babies are gorgeous, but hers have really be stunning and they have all had her way of expression :0)

I asked Moxie if she was excited for lots of bouncing babies.... she just stuck her tongue out at me!

She seems to always have lots of expression and personality too!

Then off in the far distance I saw Juliet enjoying a bit of alone quiet me time...

I understand Juliet.. sometimes it is nice to find a private place... but as soon as she woke up, saw me and jumped up for her head scratches and be in total control of attention. Love how obnoxious she is! She is so funny.

Hubby and I say all time how blessed we are with all our furry children, but they really do warm our hearts and bless us in so many ways. Such joys!

Hope you have joy in your life this weekend - Hug a furry friend.
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and 

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Ginger Shaw said...

All your Mums to be look so happy and contented.
Hope they all have happy and healthy babies.