Saturday, June 27, 2020

Animal Crackers - Smile

Howdy -

How can this face not make you smile?

Peso really does have a grin like no other... Such a funny man! And those eyes just add to the grin don't they? Ha!

Another Smile for me is to see "Donkey Hugs" ... where does one start and the other end?

Here we have Miss Hannah and her Momma Bella giving "Donkey Hugs" or you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is probably more correct, but I like the hugs thought... LOL

Hannah was really loving on her Momma... she has grown up so fast!

 Beautiful young lady for sure! And her little 1/2 sister Josie is right behind her in growing up.

This little girl has sure faded though... from her silky black coloring to her red she is still so adorable! Obnoxious, pushy and friendly ... adorable still all the time no matter what color!

The Ladies in the Goat Pen were being very very very loud!! Seems "Dad" was taking too long in bringing breakfast to them... Hurry DAD!

They are so funny... and yes loud! Scarlet or "Red" as we call her was trying to give me the look...

Come on Mom... can't you make Dad move faster??? I'm hungry here... tell him to hurry up!

As I was heading back towards the house I passed the outdoor kitties... Momma Cat was sitting on her bench giving me the eye too... now her look is much more determined than Reds... Ok Momma Cat I'll tell Dad to get out here and bring your breakfast NOW!

 LOL.. really she is very sweet... but has a serious look to her most all the time.

All my kids give me a smile - hope they brought a smile to your face today -

Give a furry friend a hug and it is for sure to make you feel good and smile!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

How is it Sunday already? I forgot to stop and visit yesterday. Everyone looks so happy there even if they are impatient for Breakfast. LOL Have a wonderful week. Try to stay cool, getting hot and HUMID here. Ugh.

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