Saturday, February 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - This ain't suppose to be this cold in South Texas!

Howdy - 

Ok so last week I was doing a little whining about how we went from 80 to 50s in a day... brr cold. Well This week is showing me what cold really is and me no like! Hubby and I have been working towards making sure all our animal are going to be ok the next few days. I am sure Hubby is rolling his eyes here with me saying that "we have been working" - Honestly "We" have been worrying, but  he is executing the work. This part of Texas we very very rarely see days of below freezing with sleet, ice and snow. And with all our furry and feathered children this is a big big concern! Yesterday on our way home from getting a few more heat bulbs and cords we stopped at the front pasture to check on the men. Flavio and Patricio were out eating and headed toward us to say hello. But where was Diego and Miguel? Wait.. Miguel came out of their hut to say hi... he took about 10 steps, the wind blew and he turned right back around and went back into the hut. It was quite cute, but decided to drive around the pasture to make sure Diego was ok and was just hiding from the cold as well. 

Yep they are fine. Just my sweet spoiled Texas Boys that really hate it being so darn cold! 

I can't say I blame them... Hubby and I drove around the pasture - I wasn't going to get out and walk in that cold! 

Love this photo I got of Juliet earlier in the week. She is such a love and so friendly she is a in your face kind of girl. I snapped this just as she was too close for the photo. 

Just past the girls pen Sergio was wanting a close up as well... but for a different reason. 

Now I have told you all many times that Sergio is my special orphan baby. His Momma died when he was only a week old. I became his Momma completely. I did feedings every 3-4 hours round the clock for months. We have a very special bond. And every time I am anywhere near his pen, I get that nose sticking out ready for kisses from Momma. Since he was a baby, kisses on the top of his nose is our thing. Despite being a little dirty looking in this photo his nose is like black velvet and he really loves when I rub on the sides of his face and kiss the top of his nose. I Love my Sergio. 

This past week was suppose to be bath time for the dogs. Much needed but... 

Old Lady Libbie was already having a hard time just making her trips outside to do her business. A bath, uh oh well I guess we will put it off until things warm up a bit more. Calm down Libbie don't stress over that nasty word "Bath" for now. 

Chica was happy to hear that no baths due to the cold weather as well. She HATES bath time. Funny Autie is really the only one that loves baths and all the attention. Chica's only concern is that we have another bag of her favorite doggie food so she has plenty in case we can't get out for a few days. 

That food bowl is Chica's concern most all the time. ha.. Libbie and Autie eat and walk away no big deal. Chica will lay next to the bowl just in case she needs a bite to eat while resting. And when anyone comes to eat she will lay next to the bowl and make sure they don't eat more than they should and she has plenty for herself. You would think she would be the one we have the weight issues with, but nope she is our little skinny mini! 

To end today I thought I would show another "collectible" from my cabinet. This little porcelain doll isn't an antique.. more vintage. And honestly it has become that as I've had it. You see tomorrow is Hubby and I's 34th Wedding Anniversary. Oh and Hubby's Birthday.. and Valentines Day. Its a very big day around here! Anyway a few weeks before we married, so very very long ago, we were out on one of our day trips in the hill country and in a little shop was this tiny little doll. I just loved her and how pretty her face was. Hubby bought it for me :0) Very Sweet right? 

Well she has been in every home we have had in all our moves standing in one cabinet or another over the years. She is now standing front and center in the cabinet next to our back door. I see her everyday and she gives me a pretty little smile. 

Hope this week gave you a little smile - and I do hope you have a very blessed Valentines Day this weekend and that you have a warm place to be if you too are in this cold weather... 

HUGS and 


Martina said...

Hi Michelle,
we have -10°C at the moment (14 Fahrenheit)which is usual for winter time here in Austria. So 50 degrees in Fahrenheit is lovely for me - on the other hand I feel it far too hot, when you speak about your summer tempertaures ;)
Have a lovely day and stay healthy!

Soaring Eagle said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday to your hubby, and Happy Valentines Day.
I live in Wisconsin, and would give a lot to have it be in the 50's here. It is -5 here this morning. I hate this weather.

okienurse said...

WOW it did the same thing here 80 one day and 50deg the next! I think it would be awesome to have even 40 deg weather right now as it isonly 11* here in Oklahoma with a wind. Too cold for a person to be out and about. Maybe it will kill off some of that virus that is floating around. Stay warm and have a great day tomorrow! Sound like a lot to celebrate!

Lena said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday to hubby, and Happy Valentine's Day. I think if God meant for me to be in this cold weather, he would have made me a penguin. I have never been anywhere in my entire life that has been this cold. I'm hibernating and that is the end of that :-) We supposed to be 11 here in Pearland tomorrow. The whole reason is SE Texas is that we always have hot to mild temps!
Glad hubby got a chance to see to all your furbabies. My Maverick has to think really hard whether he needs to go outside to do his business :-) He's a Basenji from Central Africa, so cold isn't his thing either.
Stay safe and warm and enjoy your week.
Lena xx