Saturday, January 22, 2022

Animal Crackers - Free with every box?

Howdy - 

 So you think this cutie comes Free in every box? LOL We have all kinds of toys laying all around the house, but nope the best toy... an empty box. Porsche was really having a blast playing inside and popping out of this empty box of can cat food.


Now anytime one of the kittens find something great to play with then it calls out to the other to come and join in.. or take away. One or the other. With the box it was join in. Mercedes was pouncing and trying his best to get into the box as well... and this is why the box soon split. LOL

Box lasted a couple of days of fun, then I had to trash it as it was becoming shreds. No worries the outside kitties love their canned food so we have more in the pantry and the box is almost empty for more fun. The kittens canned food box is so much smaller, use to be fun but they are just too big now and can't fit inside it any longer. But that big box is just right! 
Love these close up profiles - Miss Hannah is all grown up now and look at all that thick fur to keep her warm in the cold wind. 

Such a beautiful little lady! And of course she was right with her BFF Juliet - So I had to move around to snap a profile of her as well.

Man she is looking so much like her big brother Teddy - Much Skinnier than her older brother, but same eyes and curly fur.

Was feeding and checking on the boys before the cold weather coming. They are very excited as I told them Dad was getting them a large round bale.  Flavio was all ears listening to my information.. Ha ha.


Latest we have ever brought in round bales. But now everything is dead so round bales have to be brought in. They love the fresh green growing grass.. but there is something said for a huge amount of hay brought in and all in one large bale plopped down in one place for them to chow down on without moving at all. 

Snapped a pretty photo of Miss Thelma - posed pretty sitting up on top of one of the huts.

She is such a sweet lady - and love those blue eyes. She has given us some pretty kids too. I think we may try her again this Spring. I've been looking back at baby goat photos recently, I think need a baby goat. Fun and bouncy! 

Gracie came running over to me - she was making sure to get her photo taken. Of every girl out there I really do think Gracie loves her picture taken most. That's where her nickname of my "Super Model" came from though - LOL

She is beautiful - coloring, blue eyes and that sweet little grin she has. 

Its going to be a cold weekend. So lots of hay and then hunkering down in their huts to stay warm. They really don't mind it too much they have that thick winter fur, but me.. this weekend animal watching will be done from the window from me! HA- No worries it will be warmer again first of the week before the next cold front. Sigh... hate this up and down temps! Counting down to Spring! 

Hope you enjoyed this week - have a big smile! 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

The kittens are getting big and still adorable. Love to watch cats entertain themselves. Thelma is Beautiful. Well, all
the fur babies are lovely/handsome. Enjoy the weekend. Have a good week and I will pop by again next Saturday!