Saturday, May 28, 2022

Animal Crackers - ME FIRST!

Howdy - 

With these three girls it is ALWAYS a shoving fest to see who is first to get ALL the attention. Josie, Juliet and Hannah... and as you can see Juliet and Hannah are the pushiest in this photo! What am I saying they are always the pushiest!

And I think do to her size.. Juliet is usually the one that wins! 
I have had such a hard time getting a pretty photo of this big girl! She is in your face big time! But she is adorable so we love her to pieces! 
Went around to the end of the fence and got a photograph of Miss Bella calmly walking up to me. I loved all over her - until the three girls pushed their way over... sigh. 

So I moved down and chatted with Irene. I really really wanted to breed her this year and she was having no part of it. But I told her 2023 is her year! She is going in with Raffie!


A pretty donkey... just like her Mom Patti.

Now in case you can't see it.. Patti was hot and tired. I know Patti.. me too it is too hot to be out here asking you to pose pretty. She had actually been laying and rolling in a shady dirt spot. But when she saw me just was sweet enough to actually get up and come to me. It is an effort to get up you know. LOL

Louise said it wasn't fair to show only donkeys so she actually gave me a quick pose.

But honestly it was HOT and most all the goats were enjoying whatever shade they found and was half asleep. Just a few were out cleaning up the last of breakfast.. I would have been more of the hide in the shade girl myself.
Speaking of asleep... 

OH MY!! I was coming down the hall and heard this little noise. Wasn't real loud but loud enough I heard it down the hall. Mercedes was VERY comfortable and enjoying the sun for his afternoon nap. His cute little snoring and his very odd position was just too funny I had to snap a picture. After I took the photo I realized that Ferrari was not thrilled about his snoring! I think he was keeping her awake... LOL 

I do hope you have a smile today - especially with that last photo! Ha! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

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Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure to meet all of the babies and they are ALL full of love! As we walked the farm everyone lined up for a scratch or a kiss. Is was an amazing experience! Thanks Michelle