Saturday, August 6, 2022

Animal Crackers - Don't Mess with me when I'm Eating!

Howdy - 

Went out during breakfast yesterday morning - Pretty much everyone stopped to say hello to me.. well everyone but Macie ... she was into her meal and didn't want me messing with her at all while she was eating. LOL

She is a funny lady and like me takes eating very seriously!  
Darlene strolled over to see me - She is looking so good - its that expensive geriatric feed and extra vitamins! 
She is so worth it and when you get over 30 you do deserve a little extra! 
Jolene was being weird - She didn't want to make the effort of walking over to me unless it was worth it. That is a really intense look isn't it?

 It wasn't worth it... she watched me talk and love on everyone, and then went back to munching... Later she did come over just in case.. and she really did want some ear scratches.
 Miss Hannah was in a real lovey dovey mood - being very sweet and calm. Almost concerned me that she wasn't being her normal self.  But then she grabbed my shirt and nearly ripped a hole in it.. She's ok.. that is normal Hannah! 

And where Hannah is there is Juliet. She was very very very concerned about the new neighbors dogs barking. She doesn't like their dogs... they have made there way over a couple of times and hopefully learned that the donkeys don't really want them over here. She was making sure they were staying put on their own property... 
It was all safe... they stayed and then she could go back to being pushy and shoving me everywhere. But she is a great watch donkey and we love her! 

I looked over across the yard to the goat pen. Love the sisters just chillin' in the morning breeze. Lizzy and Jackie were really enjoying their spot - 

Abigail was actually being calm and sweet too - usually she is jumpy, but she allowed me to come right up to her and snap a posed photo.  Such a beautiful lady -

Our house guest Ammo went home - we sure enjoyed our week with him. Was like having a little part of Autie back - we have always loved Ammo, as one of Libbie and Autie's puppies.. but now he has an even bigger part of our heart.

He is welcome whenever he needs to stay! We called it summer camp - Cats were a new thing for him but he ended up really liking them. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Oh, my goodness it is hot here in Iowa, I can only wonder how hot TX is. Stay cool. We no longer have pets of our own but often pet sit for the kids. In late Aug. we will have a friend's dog for 2 weeks. Igor is actually Our late Will's uncle! it should be fun.