Saturday, September 10, 2022

Animal Crackers - So lets talk

Howdy - 

 I have totally avoided the conversation about the"Pregnant" girls. Now I have a couple of comments of where are the babies. Good question. We breed naturally - put ladies in with men and let them handle things on their own. The problem with that is you really have no exact date on when they "get pregnant" and honestly if... 


So we use a calendar and watch the girls and keep watch. Now for nearly 20 years this has worked out and things are usually close to when we think. But this year things are different - These two girls were in with Raffie for almost a year - we took them out in Spring this year because they were looking close.. and showing the start of signs. Then we wait... Well we've been waiting for a while and honestly nothing now. So were they never pregnant? Did they not get pregnant until Fall? We just are not sure. So we have discussed releasing them back into the ladies pen or back in with Raffie... Natural is healthy but frustrating. I have had a talk with girls.

Now Lacey seemed to be all ears and listened closely... But she wouldn't tell me if there was a baby in the works. 

Vicki was a little more interested in head scratches and rear end rubs. But she was not interested at all in giving up any info either.


Where does that leave us? Well waiting. And possibly looking into another Jack as Raffie may not be doing his business. Black Jack is doing much better now and his health is good... but is he too old to keep breeding? He says no - He is good to go... Right now it is still a bit warm to breed so we have time to discuss that one. Meanwhile we will have to decide next step on Vicki and Lacey - sigh... Vet may be out with a visit soon - 

Now the chickens were out strutting and looking good.. it may have been showing off for the neighbors rooster that keeps showing up! 

We don't have many chickens right now - need to get some chicks soon. But evidently they are hot ladies and the rooster and a few of his girlfriends make their way over across the pasture to visit from time to time. Our chickens don't roam free.. safer and well easier to gather the eggs. But these other roamer chickens - between owls, hawks, coyotes and other predators their days may be numbered. I worry about them - but everyone does their own way of raising their animals. 

I wish you could have heard the noises coming from Miss Penelope. She had found a way to scratch that itch! OHHH it must have felt sooo good. 

Thought I would show you Hubby's Fall Tomatoes - We have little flowers and buds so tomatoes aren't too far away. 

I wanted squashes too - but well things are just too busy right now and so we settled for just tomatoes in the above ground boxes in the back yard for now.

One last photo - I had just brought in a new tote bag I got. It was set down for barely a minute! And  when I turned and went to pick it right up it was "full"

Just like a box set down - a new tote is a fabulous place to roll up and hide! OH McLaren you are silly! 

Hope you have your Saturday Morning Animal Cracker smile! 

HUGS and -


Anonymous said...

All I could think of was Dr Pol checking cows for pregnancy- he could ho through a line of cows in 5 minutes! Hopefully you get it sorted out - would love to see some babies!

Carol Dee said...

How long is gestation for a donkey? A quick blood test might at least let you know if there are babies on the way.
Silly McLaren, but he does look good in there.

Ginger Shaw said...

Would love to see some babies but nature has to take it’s course.