Saturday, May 27, 2023

Animal Crackers - Mmm this is good!

Howdy - 

Went out and talked with he lady goats while they were having lunch. It was very yummy I guess. 


I wish you could hear Olive Oyl... she was talking and making all kinds noises while munching on some fresh hay. It was so funny... yum yum yum - 


Jackie and her twin sister Lizzy were, as usual, sharing a small pile of hay. I wish sometimes I could understand their conversations... Gossip? Weather? Quality of Hay? Not sure.. but I am sure these two girls are gabbing it up over their meal. 

Mom Abigail and her daughter Penelope were also sharing a pile of hay. Now this conversation is much different than the sisters. 

I spoke to Penelope and asked her to come to see me. She took a step towards me, and then Mom Abigail made a little grunt... with a full mouth of food. That was all it took to freeze Penelope in her tracks and look at me like "Sorry Mom won't let me now, I have to stay here and finish my food" 

Ok so I do make up good stories with my kids conversations at times. LOL

Now my imaginary conversations with Bubba Cat are a totally different thing. I adore this boy, he is my lap cuddle cat in the evenings. He is my foot warmer in bed on a chilly night, and he is usually pretty good entertainment. 

Frustrating at times, yes. A mess at times, yep. But I love him to pieces... You can see that face he is all trouble and all heart all in one sweet kitty! 

Now I wanted to include a nature photo this week. But couldn't decided... roses or tomatoes? Went back and forth, then decided it was getting hot outside and just decided both!

Hubby and his flowers - he is amazing with his skills with plants. His roses have been just insane this year. The color of these is brilliant. I have no clue the name of them. I just call them the "hot pink ones".  Pretty! 

Now the veggie garden... well time has been short this spring and Hubby hasn't been able to put in the large garden he planned. But we do have some tomatoes growing in the back yard.

And they are SOOOO -  GOOD! I love them cold with cottage cheese. But Hubby loves them straight off the plants out in the garden. Anyway they are served homegrown tomatoes are a fabulous favorite! 

Hope you have an Animal Crackers smile this week. As normal it is busy, crazy and scattered but life is good and we are blessed! 

HUGS and

Hope you have blessed weekend as well -


Soaring Eagle said...

Oh my gosh, those roses are absolutely gorgeous. Your hubby certainly has a very green thumb.

Peggy S from OH said...

Thank you for being such a bright spot in readers' weekends! Love the pics and your commentary! Beautiful flowers!!

Carol Dee said...

Smile from IOWA. Love the happy goats, cuddly cats and pretty flowers.

Ginger Shaw said...

Love all your pictures of your family.
Wish I could grow flowers like your hubby.
I only manage to grow weeds.
Starting Winter tomorrow here in Kangaroo Land.