Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soggy Donkeys?

Hello - ok, I couldn't resist showing the babies just after the rain storm. Now before I hear you yell... "Don't they a have barn?"... Yes they do. But for some reason during that huge storm this week the Momma's kept the babies out in it. And when I say HUGE I mean huge. We have 12-14 inches in 12 hours! And lightning! WOW.. we actually saw them hitting the ground around us! Scary! Anyway as soon as it was safe to go out we had to go out and feed Sergio, so I grabbed my camera to show you Soggy Donkeys...

This is Sergio and Felicia, under one of the small trees... and yes - we even have to look real close when they are this wet to make sure who is who! The Grey duns.. look black.. the brown ones look black.. and the spotted ones.. just look muddy!
Carlos and Sergio realized that the storm had knocked a lot of the leaves off the tree... mmmm leaves!

Here is "Dad" loving on Felicia.. yep that is fluffy, poofy little Felicia! Even wet they think they are going to get Donkey Hugs... but they get lovin's from arms lengths when they are this wet!

And poor Libbie.. no playing outside this week.. way to muddy - heck as low to the ground as she is she would have had to swim across the yard as deep as it has been. :0)

Just a little FYI... if I go missing for a day here or there.. we have knocked the hole in the wall to craft room... and in doing so my Internet has to be moved... as I type the line is stretched across a doorway. Not safe with Gato and Libbie wars!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend... me... I will be helping Hubby all weekend with the room addition we are at a 110% now.. got to get things going and done now that it is opened to the rest of the house.

HUGS and


Ashley Lydia Durand said...

your donkeys are adorable!

Nunt said...

I bet momma was fed up with the mischief of the kids and decided to punish them :D

Penni said...

Oh bless, they still look so cute!!!

Have a great weekend, don't work too hard!!!


Danni said...

Poor wet babies!! Still cute though!!

Nicola said...

Poor babies all soaking wet. We are in central Texas too and all this rain has been crazy. Never rains but it poors has been true for us this week.


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, I haven't been around for ages, but things are getting back to normal, so I will be 'dropping in' from time to time to see your gorgeous creations & the lovely donkeys. They look especially cute today & I'm glad you're getting rain after the long dry spell. Libby is as pretty as ever.

Diamond Doll said...

Fab Soggy Donkey photos Michelle. poor Libbie confined to the house.
Thanx for sharing them with us.
Have a great weekend.
Trish (-:

Jo said...

Oh, I love Saturdays with the Donkey catch up. They are all so adorable even wet!! Jo x

Annie said...

aww the poor wet soggy darlings, but still cute! hope all goes well with the building works, you'll soon be filling up the new craft room!
hugs, annie x

DawnMarie said...

Aww wee drookit(wet) babies! I bet you are glad of the rain though Michelle as I know it has been in short supply there. Its starting to get cold and crisp here, time for the central heating to go on again. At least its stopped raining though. Looking forward to seeing the craft room soon. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Sharon said...

Aw silly donkeys getting so soggy when they have a nice warm barn ,know where I'd be!! TFS and good luck with the craft room xx

Linda said...

Great pics! Glad you are getting some much needed rain!

Kittie said...

I love seeing those babies all wet and soggy. Libby looks so adorable with the toy in her mouth.