Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!! Do you have any Milk Bones?

Today I am starting off with Libbie....

Trick or Treat

Now first off... she isn't being punished, she isn't hurt, she isn't scared... ok maybe a little freaked out.. But come on she is cute isn't she - and it only lasted a couple of minutes so I could take the photographs!

I couldn't resist dressing her up for Halloween, this little bumble bee costume was just to cute! Can you believe this is a medium! For a 12 lb. dog - glad I didn't get the small!Here you can almost hear what she is saying..... "If you don't make that cat stop laughing I am going to loose it!" The cat was standing up on the chair to see what we were doing... I tried to get a photo of that, but I was laughing to hard and Libbie was loosing her patience with me! LOL

A side view so you can see the wings, legs and stinger on the back. It has little holes on the top for her ears to come out - but her ears are so floppy and wide that just wasn't going to happen - I don't think I am going to leave the costume out.. she just might shred it to pieces! LOL

I dressed Diego up as Eeyore this year!! LOL he is my Eeyore year round - slow, sweet and calm. My big boy.

Here is a good photo I got of Cali - I set the camera down close to the ground... she looks so grown up here - well really she is can you believe it is time to wean her and put her in with last years babies in the youth pen? I am going to wait just a few more weeks until Mirta is old enough too - that way they can move together and it isn't quite a stressful for them. You can see Mom Lacey in the background.

Here is another from the ground shot I got - Lola and Lina with their heads through the fence - grass is always greener on the other side you know! Lola really is a carbon copy of her Mom Cheyenne - who we miss really bad... Lola was on our for sale list.... but when we lost Cheyenne, we decided we had to keep her only little girl.

Speaking of "For Sale" - Hubby came home yesterday from work and announced that he thinks Pavo and Freddie are sold - Yes... I know it kills me to sell any of them, but the boys really do have to go as I just can't keep them all - unless I start a feed the donkeys fund! We have 35 now.. and that really pushes they cost of hay off the budget! LOL

And look how sweet the babies are... can you believe they are getting so big? Now we have decided that Felicia will stay - she is really small and will be a good future breeder. Sergio... well I think we all know that he should be sold - but well... he is my little orphan and I have spent unknown amount of hours with the little guy 24/7 with his feedings and I (and Hubby) just don't think we will be able to let go of him. Carlos... he is on the For Sale list - darn that hurts.... he is such a cutie - this "business" is hard!!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday - and enjoyed Donkey/Libbie Day :0) Libbie really did look funny huh? Happy Halloween!

HUGS and-


Lacey said...

Ok...that is just hillarious!! My dog is a Yorkie...only 5 pounds. She needs an 'extra small'! My daughter dresses her up in HER (my daugther's dresses), so she is used to it a little. But she does not like things on her head. If we can find the costume we bought her, she will dressed at a pumpkin this year!!
Oh, and I can't believe you have a donkey named Lacey! It's official...I am a donkey!! I guess that's better than a donkey's behind!! LOL
~Lacey Stephens

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, I laughed so much at those darling piccies of Libbie, she is so cute and your Donkeys are gorgeous, every one of them. How can you sell them?!! I bet Libbie was hoping that the cat was the next one for the costume!!! Have a lovely weekend. Jo x

LaVerne said...

Libbie does not seem to be totally onboard with the Halloween costume...and Diego as Eeyore? too funnnny.
Happy Halloween and Happy Dia De Los Muertos...such a beautiful weekend here in central Texas..Enjoy. LaVerne in New Braunfels

Linda said...

Your blog is at the top of my favorite list. I love Saturdays! Libby is adorable, but she really doesn't look happy :( I don't blame you for wanting to keep all your babies... that must be the hardest part of being any kind of a bredder. I know I'd hate it! Thanks again for sharing.

Hugs, Linda

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Hehehe, Libbie definately is not happy. I think she is a little embarrassed to do this in front of the cat, lol... She probably would have loved to see the cat get dressed up as something too. Maybe a witch :) The donkies, as always, are awesome. I would hate to part with them too. I was going to breed puppies but I had a hard time parting with my very first litter. I never had a litter again. Your little guys are getting so big so fast.They are adorable. Thanks for sharing them. hugs, Robin in NY

Leah l'Orange said...

thanks for sharing, Michelle! Libbie does NOT look pleased, but hey, there are always horrid pictures of US, somewhere, right? and they're people too, so a little humiliation is perfectly acceptable. :)

she's so cute. that second picture is PRICELESS.

DawnMarie said...

Oh Michelle, I laughed my head off at the pics of Libbie, the 1st pic she looks shell shocked, the 2nd she looks none too chuffed lol.xx

Danni said...

Oh my!! My kids and I got a good giggle out of poor Libby! She looks like Get this off me NOW!!
Wonderful donkey photos too!!

Happy Crafter said...

Wow Libbie looks the bees knees in that costume so cute but she sure does'nt look too pleased about it but priceless pics they sure are:)
The Donkeys are all looking great too i dont know how you can part with them it must be so hard to do.
Hope you had a great Halloween:)
Hugzz Val xxx

Diamond Doll said...

Ha Ha HA Libbie looks just fantastic,a bit spooked but heyho.
Great Donkey pics too.
Trish (-:

Monica-FC said...

if you efver do a layout with these pictures I would love to see them that is just soo cute with the costume on. just darlling.

Ila said...

Oh Wow!! Libbie is Adorable..I love the costume!!...All the photos are Fabulous...Thanks for the Halloween chuckle!!...Hugs, Ila

Helene said...

Sure hope Libbie had a great Halloween she looks


Cathy said...

Hey Michelle, I love the outfit on your doggie. The facial expression is priceless!! So cute. Your donkey looks cute as well. I hope you are well. I've missed your blog and you.I've been so busy I have hardly had any time to comment on my favorite blogs. So I wanted to pop in and say hi. Hugs, Cathy

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! here I am catching up with you and the fur babies again! so sad the donkeys have to leave you, but hopefully to very good homes. Now had we already got the farmhouse and there wasn't an ocean between us .. .. I could be very tempted!
hugs, annie x

Dawn said...

OMG Libbie is just adorable in her buzzy bee costume...
Lovin' the donkey photos as ever and you will be so sad to see any of your babies go!


Martina said...

Oh gosh...Libbie is too funny...especially on picture 2! Have you seen her look? ;) LOL My daughter also dressed our dog very often and she did not really like it, but always sat down and let her do! =) Love these pictures!!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Here I am again, catching up with all the news. Libbie looks hilarious & the donkey pics are wonderful, as always. I don't know how you decide which ones to keep & which to sell, it must be so hard. Love the cards too. Hope you're having a good week.

Anonymous said...


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