Saturday, December 5, 2009

It Snowed here yesterday!

REALLY it SNOWED!!! I live in SOUTH Central Texas and snow is a pretty rare thing around here. And yesterday afternoon it really did snow! HUGE BIG FLAKES! Once they hit the ground the melted... but it was sure pretty coming down!

I don't know if you can even see the snow here in this photo well.. but the donkeys are all under cover!

This photo sort of shows you how the Donkeys "puff" up when it is cold. This is Ellie Mae... All her fur is standing straight out and "puffed" up to help keep her warm. They are so pretty when all puffed up.

Sergio was pretty "puffed" up as well.... I took this one late in the day yesterday - you can also see here how red his fur has turned in the sun... and his face and legs are really BLACK... I wonder why that fur doesn't turn in the sun and the rest does.. hmmm - but he is gorgeous isn't he? MY BABY... we are only feeding twice a day now.. breakfast and dinner right before bed. They grow up so fast don't they?

I love this photo I took of Sergio and Daddy... they didn't know I was taking it....

We fed the Donkey really well yesterday afternoon... The more they eat the warmer they are... so everyone got the really "good stuff" yesterday!! They love the "Good Stuff" ... same hay just in smaller bales... LOL

Libbie was allowed time with her favorite "treat"... this is some sort of rubber ball thing, you pop in these hard "cookie" like treats and they chew and lick on them... suppose to last a couple of weeks... not with Libbie - more like a few hours - so we only let her have it about 45 minutes once or twice a week... SHE LOVES IT... and it isn't easy getting it away from her!

And the breeder sent me new photos of Autie yesterday!!!!! OH MY I think I am in love already! Is he adorable or what????  We get to pick him up between Christmas and New Years... I just can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday! HUGS and-


Jo said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing these lovely piccies with us, fluffed up donkeys are so cute and look so cuddley, another lovely photo of Libbie and Autie is just adorable, I bet you can't wait, I'd be counting the days down if I was you!!! Keep warm, Hugs Jo x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Gorgeous photos Michelle, thank you for sharing them. Hope you all have a lovely - and snow free! - weekend.

Cazzy said...

Fab photos again Michelle. Love Sergio, and Autie is getting bigger, he is so cute.

Cazzy x

Linda w said...

I love your Saturday photos Michelle. I usually share them with my grandson. Thank you for taking the time to post them.

thanks much

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle, what fab Donkey/Libbie and Autie Photos,Autie is a real cutie I,d love him to bits too.
Trish (-:

Danni said...

Sweet, sweet photos!

Rufus said...

Great pic's! Love the donkey's all "puffed". Wowza that Autie is a cutie! Just want to cuddle him up.

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Annie said...

Hi Michelle! I'm back! lovin' the cards you have made since I last stopped by and love the furry pictures today - as to the snow, well we very rarely get the stuff and although it looks nice floating down it's horrid when it turns to slush! hope you are keeping well.
hugs, annie x

DawnMarie said...

Wow Michelle SNOW!! I did'nt think you got snow in Texas. Fab pics of the Donkeys and libbie looks so happy to have her treat. Autie is getting big, you must be so excited that you will be picking him up soon. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Anonymous said...

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BethW said...

I've missed something. Is Autie a beau for Libbie? He is just so handsome-a heart stealer for sure.

Iren said...

I love Your animals espesially the dogs and Your new little puppie!!! He is so cute! I got my own puppie for two months ago and I love her already :)

Lovely card You make to ;) And so wonderful blog :)