Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sun is out on Donkey/Goat/Libbie/Autie Day!

I think I need to come up with a new name for my Animal Day photos... was so simple way back when it was just Donkey Day... then came Libbie... then came the Goats...and now Autie!  So if you have an idea for a clever name for my Saturday Animal Post Shout out!

The Sun is out this Saturday! whoo hoo! I am so tired of grey, wet photos... So I was out early this morning as the sun was coming up to catch some gorgeous light on my donkeys.

Now for the youth pen... I was too late....

You see "Dad" had gone out just before me and thrown a bale of fresh green hay into them... I shouted, I called names, I banged on the gate - nope... no one was interested in getting their photo taken. Cali did very briefly look up at me as if to say.. "hey quiet! We are eating here"

Now the goats had gotten their alfalfa... they were all enjoying it... grunting, and making all kinds of noises while eating - they are too funny to watch eat. And then Frankie looked up at me.... a quick hello snort and went back to eating... then again there is a large amount hanging out of his mouth  - so he probably was just chewing while snorting at me. And check out all the alfalfa on his head to.  Didn't know eating hay was such a physical activity did you?

I found Diego with a bit of an itch this morning - He was really going to town rubbing his neck up and down on the edge of this fence.

Ted E. Bear and Valentine were taking a break from their breakfast and had made their way over to their water bucket... just large enough to share.  A Bucket for two...

Then I let Libbie out to try and take some photos of her... now that the goats are "sharing" her back yard. She loves to run out to the fence we have divided the yard with and get right up to them and sniff and tell who is in charge of the yard. Awe... poor Libbie they really didn't care that she was there this morning - they wouldn't come over to the fence... they fresh hay for breakfast was too good to leave.

Ok... now I am trying really hard to control my excitement!!!  I know most are counting down the days until Christmas - but me... I am counting the days until we go and get Autie!!!! This is a new photo the breeder sent to me this week - Is he getting even cuter or is it just me? I think he is gorgeous! And look at all that copper color coming in around his face and legs!!! So Christmas is 6 days away... right? AUTIE DAY IS ONLY 7 DAYS!!! Yes next Saturday we get to go and pick him up!!!   :0)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - done with all your Christmas shopping? Me.. nope - but I am not going out over the weekend to shop - to crowded. I'll pop back out Monday morning to finish up. This weekend I am going to stay in.. clean house a bit, and work on a few handmade gifts.

Thanks for visiting!
HUGS and-


Jo said...

Gorgeous photos again Michelle, little Autie is so cute, he is so tiny too!! You can't get rid of Donkey Day!! How about Animal Antics on Donkey Day!! Hugs Jo x

Yvonne said...

I really love to read and look at your blog! You've got such cute animals....I'm a bit jealous!! What about : Animal talk on Donkey Day?
Have a nice weekend! Yvonne

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Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, thank you for the fantastic photos & yes, Autie is sooo cute! I hope you, hubby & the animals have a great Christmas.

Danni said...

Lovable Critter Day??
Great photos and yes, little Autie is just too adorable!!!

Cazzy said...

Lovely animals, lovely photos again.

How about Libbie and friends day, or Michelle's Ark day, or Donkeys and Friends day?

DawnMarie said...

How about Michelle's menagerie as you have such a diverse group of fur babies. Wonderful photo's as always Michelle, hope you have a wonderful Christmas, I will think of you next Saturday when you go to get Autie. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Rufus said...

I don't care what you call it as long as you keep doing it! Love to keep up with all the fun and frolics of your fur babies. Will be thinking of you on the 26th when you get your tiny Christmas present.

Kittie said...

I love your photos and cannot wait to see your photos of Autie when you bring him home.

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Michlelle,Fabby photos once again,i,m getting excited for you too! Autie is such a Cutie but dont forget to give lotza love to Libbie too!Cant ait to see next weeks Photos.
Have a fab Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Trish (-:

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

What a bunch of beautiful babies you have Michelle. I can't wait until you go get your little one Saturday. He is just adorable. I hope Libbie likes him. You could call your Saturday post
"Saturdays on the Funny Farm" or
" Donkey & Friends day". We don't mind what you call it as long as you keep posting pics of these pretty babies. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year.