Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Me and My Space - Let's talk Sticky Stuff...

Ok, I thought today on my Me and My Space post I would take this opportunity to talk about sticky stuff... adhesives, glues and tapes - I have used a million different types of these over the years I have been "crafting". Even back to those school type of glue sticks when I first started. But these are some that I now are using and learning how to use.

Day in and Day out I use my ATG gun. This is the second for me. I totally wore out the first. Wheels just gave in and said that is it... no more. Just about the time that Michaels started selling these pretty pink ones and I could use a 40% off coupon! ;0)

But I have started using liquid glues more, and with 3-d projects the double sided tapes.

Glues... I am new at using these liquid glues with my projects, but I have found that for embellishments, flowers and well... things I want to really hold down well, these are great. My first glues are the two on the left, Helmar brand. And I do really like these, but they are very very sticky and thick. I had read about Beacon's 3-n-1 glue. And ran across a bottle at a small scrapbook store, and thought I would try it. And I LOVE it... now I just need to find it somewhere closer to home!
Double sided tapes.... I usually only use these for 3-d projects and heavy things. I believe the red is ProvoCraft? I think that is right, don't have the packaging - sorry but I think that is correct. The white paper looking tape says x-press it - I got it at a craft fair, and I think this may be like ScorePal type of tape. They both work really well... but the red tape does seem to be stronger to me.

So tell me... what do you use? I am always up to try new adhesives, and better adhesives. One that I recently tried and loved, but it was not cheap and very hard to find is Scrap-dots. It is a liquid gel type of glue in a tube and you can work it like liquid pop dots sort of. Really cool...but again hard to find for me. So again... share what you use, I can always use improvements in my sticky situations :0)

For my personal item this week - I step just outside of my craft room, into my bedroom. Sitting on the dresser just by the door to my craft room is three little tins that I found in on an online antique shop. I just adore them...
Yep... Sarah Kay tins! They are "vintage" from the mid 1970's (insert shocked face here) when the heck did the 70's become vintage???? I love these tins, and they make me smile every time I look at them.

Thanks for visiting "ME and MY Space" and letting me share my play area!
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Helen said...

Oh, these tins look so familiar (I guess I also belonging to the vintage age, maybe almost antique). I use self-adhesive double sided tape which I buy in dozens at once at a cheap warehouse; they work for me fabulous. For 3D projects I always use kit bought from a local producer in Holland; I started with foam tape, but this kit is fabulous and I always use it. For liquid glue I alway use a bottle from the bookstore. Regards.

Carol Dee said...

Thanks for the sticky tips! Oh dear... if the 70's are vintage years. I must be Antique, LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday, hugs...

Jingle said...

My adhesive stash is HUGE. You have some that I like there in your pile, already, actually. I recently bought my first bottle of Beacon's 3 in 1 and I will never be without it now. That stuff is amazing! Another liquid option that I would suggest adding to your stash is Tombow Multi liquid. It's a white glue, believe it or not, but it dries clear and works on a variety of surfaces and textures. It is also great for spreading on the back of paper pieces if you need a liquid, as the curling isn't ridiculous like it often is with liquid glue.

Unknown said...

Dear Michelle,
Thanks for the Beacon 3-in-1 love! Not sure exactly where you are in The Lone Star State, but 3-in-1 should be in Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Hancock, JoAnn, as well as scrapbooking shops.Stores may have adhesives in different aisles, so it may require a bit of a hunt. It can be in scrapbooking, general adhesives, craft, etc.

I'm glad to hear that you had a great experience with one of our glues-we aim to please! And if anyone has a question about glue-ours or anyone else's, feel free to email me at, and I will pass it along to The Glueologist. Thanks again!

Tracy said...

I adore Sarah Kay and really love your tins, what a fabulous find.
Happy crafting
Tracy x