Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me and My Space - On my Desk - Canvas Drawers

OH my you should see my desk ... what a total disaster. I bet I have you fooled with these post on Wednesdays don't I? You think I am so organized huh? Well if you could see my craft room at this very moment, you would know my life it actually the total opposite. Stick with this post, I'll show you my desk...

But first I wanted to show you one of the JetMax cubes on my desk. I loved the 4 canvas drawers box. I knew they would be a good size for me to work out of daily. Not store all my supplies, but the ones that I use every day and need to put away and safe.First Drawer in this cube is my most used inks. My Memento colors and my favorite Distressing inks. I do have a larger drawer across my craft room that has lots of inks... but that is way across the room..... These are in arms length.
This is one of my new favorite drawers. I have a wonderful leather case for my prisma pencils - the kind with the elastic bands that hold them all in place. But honestly when I am working... that tight band drives me nuts - great for traveling, but I love just pulling out this drawer and all my pencils and supplies in an easy place to get to and put away. And they are all so pretty in the drawer.
Next is my adhesive drawer. Tapes - Dots - 3-d foams - ATG - 2 Sided Tapes and glue. All right there in arms length again, Larger drawer with bulk supplies.. but these are daily use :0)
Then my Stampavie Drawer. This is this years releases from Stampavie. Love that I can pull an image out from right there on my desk. And the newest release is always in the front.. You can see those Vintage images :0)

I am really enjoying these boxes to store my stuff - clean and safe, and totally loving these smaller canvas drawers - I have four more to show later -

Now ready for the view of my desk right this moment. ---- oh my what a mess. And this is one area of my desk, it is worse on the right and my table in my craft room hasn't been seen over a week. The plan is to get it all straightened out this week and everything orderly again.

One reason my desk is in shambles right now... one of my Nesties albums decided that I had pushed its limits too far. So I am now in the process of taking all my nesties out of my smaller albums into larger albums that can hopefully take it better - stronger. I'll show you my new album once all done. Lets see what else is piled up here... hmmmm I did just a tiny bit of shopping with Hubby on a day out -found some fun things I hadn't found before. Prima note cards, a liquid glue as I have gone through a ton lately. A couple of Tim Holtz tissue tapes - can't wait to try those out. And only 4 sheets of paper. I really had to limit the paper intake. I mean when I went in, I said NO paper.. so I think only coming out with 4 sheets was pretty good for me. And then when we came home, my order of a few dies from My Favorite Things was in the box...oops :0) Oh and then in that tiny space that is free on my desk I worked on some flower in a jar from Papertrey. I just had to have a little coloring time even if my desk said I should have been cleaning instead... The plan is today - I will get it all cleaned up - I will get it all cleaned up - I will get it all cleaned up.... you think that will work?

HUGS - have a great Wednesday!


Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I am so glad you show this picture of your desk (thought I was the only one with a messy desk). Maybe if we both tell ourselves "I will get it all cleaned up..." it might work out some day this week ;-). The drawers are a dream come true; would like to have some on my desk as well (at least then I can hide the stuff away). Hugs Helen

Carol Dee said...

I love your mantra " I will get it cleaned up, I will get it cleaned..." Good Luck. My work table looks like that ALL the time :( . I think my summer project will be to get more organized or at least put EVERYTHING away. Maybe I will find some long lost goodies. :) Thanks for the inspiration to get it done. Hugs...

Jingle said...

Those are great drawers filled with fun stuff!

Rufus said...

I've chanted that mantra myself. At least in my case I discovered that chanting wasn't enough! I had to actually STOP playing and clean up...bummer! Esp. since it lasts till the first time I sit down! PLEASE post if you have better luck!