Saturday, December 13, 2014

Animal Crackers - Introductions to the Kids

Howdy -

This week I thought I would try and Introduce the kids to you -  Now a few posed real nice and others... well they just bounced everywhere and wouldn't stay still.  KIDS....

Now Chloe's kids first -

This is Doc - He seems to have an outgoing personality and likes to wander off and see and talk to everyone. And in case you miss it he is just too handsome for words - The black stripe from his nose to his lips and those two white dots on his front black legs. 

 Now this guy is the smallest of the three, but don't tell him he thinks he is the head honcho and leader of his world. This is Wyatt - And the personality just comes through the photo doesn't it? 

And our little girl of this trio - This is Josephine "Josie", shy but sweet. She is much more cautious than her brothers. her coloring is getting a little darker, I think she will really be a stunner. I tell her those baby blues will be her way out of any trouble! 

 Then we have Daisy's three little ones - 

First up is Will Turner - He is the largest of the three and has gorgeous grey coloring. He is quite but keeps close to his siblings. Once you get him in your arms he will snuggle down and really enjoy it.

The little girl of this group is Elizabeth "Lizzy" - she is the friendlies of all the kids. She normally comes right to me and is very outgoing. She loves to talk and seems to watch over her brother Capt. Jack most of the time. And her coloring and eyes... wow wow wow! 

Capt. Jack is the littlest of the three, he is a very handsome little guy. We have really been keeping a very close eye on him and worried. Poor little guy has had a tummy ache all week and a touch of constipation. Hate to see my babies hurting.

 He is adorable isn't he? Here he was trying to nibble on his sister's ear. I hope he will be back to 100% really soon!

The hardest of the seven to snap a photo of - Abigail! I have told you she is a pistol. And boy is she!!

 This girl loves all her little friends to play with, but she is a bit spaz... like her Mom I suppose. We are working on her and with the help of the other kids hopefully she will setting down.

Now one more photograph... we went this last week and drove a few hours to visit Little Bit and Marissa ( now called Bella, all their pets start with the letter "B" ) who we sold last winter.

We don't get to visit too many of our children when they move to new homes. So getting to see these two special girls was wonderful! Even more wonderful that when we opened the pasture gate they came running to us and hugged and rubbed on us! They remember "Mom and Dad" was so wonderful! They looked wonderful and are truly loved - so happy they have a great home.

Better get my day going - hope you have a wonderful Saturday planned! Hug someone furry!
HUGS and


TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle all the babies are beautiful But Doc just blows me away. His markings are just amazing

Happy Holidays

Carol Dee said...

Oh My they are adorable. The girls are especially striking. How sweet that Bella and Little Bit and Bella remember you. hugs...

Helen said...

OMG, are they all cute and handsome. Big cuddles to all of them. Great to see that the girls did not forget you and dad. Hugs

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