Saturday, December 26, 2015

Animal Crackers - Merry Christmas


And Very Merry Christmas from all of us here ...

I thought I would first share this years Christmas Card. Now I will admit this is the latest that I have ever done my cards. I was mailing them out just a few days before Christmas this year. Now next year I really need to get them going earlier and out much earlier!

I do hope that you all had a wonderful day - Libbie enjoyed her Christmas present....

All three doggies got new beds for Christmas, and Chica and Autie have used their beds too... just not like Miss Libbie, she LOVES it!

Now everyone else has been a bit lazy this week. Warm weather and they have been really enjoying it.

Sandy was out cold snoozing....

Well until she heard me and then she popped up and was up and calling out for attention and scratching.

Guineas were still eating but was still being a bit lazy....

 The boy goats were really were lounging in their new pen, but by the time I got to them to snap... they were up and running.

Hank is such a sweetheart. Love that guy.

Not too many photos this week. Holiday and all... but looking forward to a New Year coming up and LOTS more Animal Crackers to share!

HUGS and-


soaringeagle said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Cute pictures

TA Carbone said...

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and Wishing you and your hubby a Happy Healthy New Year.

Love your card this year

Carol Dee said...

Hank is a good looking guy ! Love the Christmas card. Happy Holiday weekend.