Saturday, December 5, 2015

Animal Crackers - Sunny Nap for two?

Howdy -

Went out yesterday afternoon to snap my photographs and found Belle and Sweet Pea taking a little nap in the glorious sunshine. Now the first thing you may notice is that this Mother/Daughter when looking at some angles are carbon copies of one another! LOL 

Now Sweet Pea is redder than her Mom, and has white on her face but from this angle is is a who is who look! Sweet Pea is suppose to have a baby or two in that oven... her first. Hope so! :0)

Hubby walked past the bathroom the other day and found Gato just sitting on the edge of the tub. 

What was she thinking? She is a skinny cat now... but when she was sitting here she really looks well fed doesn't she?

Hubby sent me one other photo this week. He made a new friend while working outside.

 He LOVES to stop and admire any and all little frogs. He stopped to talk to this one, and he decided he liked Hubby and hopped right up to have a little chat. Love those toes.

Jackie was trying so hard to get my attention while I was out. Now I would love to tell you that it was just because she loved me and wanted me to pay her lots of attention.

Nope it was Hubby... he had a large paper sack in his hands and she thought it was time for some feed.... my kids are always looking for an extra bit of goodies!

Now found the boys being boys.

They are always trying to butt heads and prove who is the best and strongest "Man"... even better when a girl is watching!

Took a photo of Felipe... LOVE those whiskers in the sun!

Just a few showing there. You might also notice that he is a little poofed up with his fur. Been chilly here at night so all the animals have the fur thick to keep them toasty warm.

Just as I was heading in Moxie was walking with me, tail wagging and her normal happy self. Then suddenly she ran ahead and then froze.

We stood still frozen looking in that direction for minutes. I looked and looked and tried to listen for some sort of noise. I saw nothing... I heard nothing. Not sure what she heard but just as fast as she froze to attention she was back to bouncing around tail wagging and her happy go lucky self. Always staying on guard despite looking like a bouncing ball I guess. Love this girl!

Well hope you like this weeks photographs. I need someone to have some babies for a little excitement!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend! And hug a furry friend!
HUGS and -


PaperSunshine said...

They sure do look like carbon copies! Nice to see any pics, babies or not! That frog is gorgeous, Going to look it up. I love frogs and toads, always have. I even pick them up for a minute whenever I find them in the yard too. 🐸

Have a good week! Enjoy our nice weather!
Lori K.

okienurse said...

awesome! I always look forward to Saturdays to read Animal Crackers even if I don't post anything. Thank you for posting each week. I love to see what the donkeys,goats, cats, and dogs are doing. I think these are awesome pictures but especially love the boys fighting. Lots of motions and attention being paid in that picture. Tell hubby he does some good photography too! Happy Holidays!

Carol Dee said...

Ooo babies! Soon I hope. Doc's bangs kill me. :) That might be a leopard frog.