Saturday, February 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Why did the Turkeys cross the road?

Howdy -

Well Thursday was Hubby and I's 32nd Anniversary, His birthday and Valentines Day - we don't go out for dinner... to crowded with the heart holiday and we don't like crowded restaurants. So we usually go to breakfast or lunch. This year we went to Lunch - we were headed out and down our "road" when he slammed on the breaks and yelled get your camera!

Then he looks at me and says.. so did you get a photo for your blog on Saturday? Love this man... he has been trained so well! Then we sat there and watched them cross the road an go through our neighbors field. One large Tom turkey and lots of girlfriends! I always tell them they are safe and welcome on our property.. must have been where they were headed.

Now is this a cute photo or what?  My boys Waylon and Domino just chillin in the afternoon sun.

Handsome men or what? LOL they think so for sure. Funny Waylon's twin Willie.. is the third of these trio of boys but a lot of times he is a bit of a loner. These two are buddies though.

And cute...? This melts my heart..

Yesterday afternoon while I was out talking to the goats - I turned around and found Chica and Autie also enjoying the afternoon sun - and how cute that they were lounging together. So adorable!

And those goats? Rhett and Lucy were discussing who was going to get the attention first. Me no Me.. 

Such pretty ladies - both with their funny personalities - I am sure these two have some great gossip stories between them.

And in the shade of one of the huts - was pretty Miss Crissy -

She is such a sweet girl. And such a sleek pretty beard on this gal! You know you are jealous..

And then one last shot for today - I never have understood that great feeling of enjoying a good afternoon dirt bath roll.

 But that seem to be the thing - the goats do it - the donkeys do it and the chickens do it. I think I will pass on it though.. just makes me itch all over thinking about it.

But it was great weather Friday and suppose to be today again.. then here comes the cold wet again tomorrow night. Up and Down but the nice sunny days do not go to waste around here.. all my furry and feathered children enjoy it while it is here -

Hope you have some nice weather where you are and enjoy some time outdoors with a feather or furry friend.. but maybe not the roll in that nasty dirt.

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Ahhhh Sunshine. It always feels so good. Still cold here but the sun is out. I will take that.