Saturday, November 9, 2019

Animal Crackers - How can you NOT smile?

Howdy -

Seriously... that little face smiling, just makes you have to smile back! 

My little Domino... he is a looker isn't he? And with a smile like that the girls are just in love with him! With a fence between them that is... LOL

And then there is the face of Junior... he is such a looker too... with a bit of clown HA!

I love how sweet all three of these young men are! Domino - Junior and Chipmunk.

Goats.. (insert shaking head here)

Destructive creatures... they have a hut on legs, but for some reason the legs are so great at scratching heads on that the hut is always turned upside down... I guess we will have to attach it to the side of a larger hut to keep it upright... those legs just hard to resist!

Speaking of Hard to resist.. Mr. Ted E. Bear

He was cleaning up blown hay off the ground ... but he watching me very close just in case I had something better to offer... to take.. he nearly got Moxie's breakfast from out of my hands one morning this week.. he is quick for such a big lug nut!

 My baby.. in deep reflection.

And then my kitty ... had my space heater on in my craft room. She loves my space heater. 

 She starts off sitting staring at the warmth, then moves back and lays down. Stretches out as long as she can! Then a little farther away then up on the chair. After a little while it all starts over again. She is a busy cat you know.

Hope you have a blessed weekend - love on a furry kid!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

They sure are happy and adorable goats. Gato is busy like I want to be ;) Have a relaxing weekend.