Saturday, April 4, 2020

Animal Crackers - Loving Miss Hanna

Howdy -

Ok, being stuck at home isn't fun. But if you have to be stuck at home, having a baby donkey makes life much better! This little girl has soooo much energy! And is so friendly!! The only problem is that taking her photo is nearly impossible! She is always moving! So Hubby helped get a head shot by holding her head for me! LOL

Now I did finally get a photo, but only by a fraction of a second as she was coming at me, head bopping up and down as fast as she could! But she is soooo cute!

Right??? So cute! And very playful! Her Mom is very good with her... well until she is done. Then she is a tough Mom and says NO! Hanna understands well... LOL

We are so loving this little girl! And now we are on watch for the next Momma... Jolene is starting to show signs. Could be a week... could be 3... but we are watching!

Thought I would show off our little chicks.. they are getting so big!

Now another thing about all the time at home, Hubby has had time to work on the garden. Like really work on it and not throw in a few things at the last minute. We have a LARGE garden this year... you can tell how big it is by the size compared to Moxie stretched out as long as possible! And you can see the storms in the background... perfect timing to water the garden!

 "We" (Hubby rolls his eyes as I say "We" LOL) "We" have tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupes, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers and egg plant! Hope weather helps out and we have LOTS of veggies this year!

Hubby sent me the next two photos .... seems Moxie wanted to stay with him and "help" .. as much as I have helped.. LOL

 Dad must have been taking too long, a nap is needed!

Hope my photographs brought you a smile this week... a little joy to you! Sharing our blessings with you -

HUGS and -


Peggy S from OH said...

Thanks for the smiles! I look forward to Saturdays to see 'the Kids". Have a great weekend.

okienurse said...

It did! It brought a huge smile to my face and I am sure my Grand daughter Hannah is going to love this one too! I send her links or pictures from time to time to your blog and the donkeys are her favorite. How you guys holding up down there? This isolation is ensuring we all get some work done around the hacienda! I have been baking, painting just a little bit of this or that! always something. Stay Healthy! Vickie

Karen Page said...

I'm in love with Hanna! So happy that she isn't skittish. Would love to see video of this little girl! You are so right... having a baby donkey would definitely make things better!

Unknown said...

Moxie is keeping the bag from blowing away. She's preventing litter and saving "dad" from chasing after an empty bag in the wind. Good dog!

Lena said...

Little Hanna is adorable. I love her hairstyle :-) as I look at mine in badly need of a cut :-). She has the most beautiful eyes. And Moxie is helping dad - she's supervising ... Someone has to do it, right? Glad you guys are staying safe and healthy. Can't wait to see more babies - hoping they arrive well, bouncy and healthy! Take care! Hugs ~ Lena