Saturday, December 5, 2020

Animal Cracker - Moving Day

Howdy - 

Domino has moved into the large men's pen out in front... away from the girls completely. 

This boy just needed to have some distance from the ladies. For his benefit, theirs and OURS! LOL He stinks too... nasty. Now that he can't see or smell the ladies, his smell and stickiness will go away. He seems to be doing ok in the pen. We were concerned that there would be lots of "I'm in charge" going on. Head butting and fighting. King of the pen attitude... But honestly it has been pretty quiet, well other than Domino calling out to let us know he wants to move back. 

Spartacus has been watching cautiously and keeping distance, but he always has been a calm sweet boy. 

The twins that were in with Domino haven't really even missed him much at all yet. All they really know is that now that he is gone they get the better hut... the one in charge got first pick you know. 

Chipmunk is always the calm one, in the back. Now he can get at least next to his brother Alvin Jr. and get more head scratches. 

Now Alice.. sigh...  we've been so so so worried about Alice the last couple of weeks. 

You see Alice hurt her leg. She has been three-legging it. We have her all wrapped up with a pretty ace bandage, and I guess with time she is starting to feel better about putting weight on it and has started using it again. Whew... with all these fur children there is always one to worry about at all times! 

Turned to walk back to the house and this was waiting for me. Total grins from me. How can you not stop, smile and do lots of belly rubs with this cutie waiting and wagging her tail? 

She will lay there forever waiting for those belly rubs... Such a sweet heart... 

Uh Oh... I stand up from belly rubs and see these three watching me love on Moxie... 

Jealous for any attention that isn't for them. Like they miss out on any loving at all! My babies! 

Hope you got a smile this week, be glad you couldn't smell a few of those photos... We are very blessed but the smell I can do without. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

Awww Moxie. Belly rubs are good. :) Boy goats sure are stinky! Yep glad I can not smell them. Have a relaxing weekend.