Saturday, December 19, 2020

Animal Crackers - Those that like to cooperate

Howdy - 

We have a lot of animals... but I seem to gravitate to some of the same for photos. They are just more fun and more photogenic I suppose. But I can't help it. I like taking happy pictures, and not just backends or side views of "kids" that don't want to cooperate with me and my camera. One of those that LOVES to have his photo taken... Al Jr. 

I come out the back door and he is at the fence begging for attention and his "close up" I would have like to take a photo of him and his brother Chipmunk to show you how poofy they are, but nope he wanted a close up.  So imagine... due to the cold weather they are so fluffy and well - poofy! But he is cute right? He know it! 

Then I looked over and saw Big Al having some sort of discussion with Black Jack. Not his biological Dad but sort of an adopted Daddy that lives next to him.

I love that they have no threat to each other, no I am the man thing going on. And maybe Black Jack is passing on his knowledge that he has gained over the last 25+ years 

But then Big Al heard me and charged towards me for his head scratches.

Love that! But boy you have to snap quick or he is right on top of you. He didn't even drop the hay in his mouth while coming to see me. Don't waste food! 

Scarlett or "Red" is one of my first baby goats... and now one of the old ladies. And she is my female version of Al Jr. She is right on the fence before you know it, ready for her close up. 

But when you are one of the senior gals and this good looking it is all good! 

Went to say hi to my little ladies the Chickens. This little gal was really staring me down. I was trying to tell her just how pretty she was all puffed up to stay warm. But that seems to not working... she was still eye balling me! 

I am ok with her... but Hubby's two other children. I tend to freak out if they are watching me! 

This "happy" little couple of black vultures have been living in the attic of an old structure on the property for at least 10 years now. They leave for periods and then return and have that years children, raise them and then hang around for a bit and then they fly away, then we look up and they are back. After about 10 years here I assume this is now their retirement plan of hanging around to spend their last years with us. 

Now I decided to show off another collectible to end. Just seemed weird to end with the vultures. So here is a small part of my little goat collection. I adore German Stick Leg animals and sell a lot of them in our antique business... but goats and donkeys usually end up staying with me. he he 

But i keep all kinds - lets see here we have German Stick legs, celluloid, cast iron, and wood. They just make me happy! And collecting these little items don't take up hardly any room. Important because we already collect so much! 

Hope you got a smile again this week. These fur babies always bring smiles to us! We are very blessed. Hope you have a blessed weekend as well - 
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

Happy Weekend. Love the donkey collection. (Almost as much as the really fur babies) Hope you have a blessed week and Merry Christmas. Can it really be only 6 days away?