Saturday, June 19, 2021

Animal Crackers - Summer Haircut

Howdy -

We will start off this week with my baby boy Autie. He had a haircut last week, that face is saying "Mom you gave me a bad haircut..."

 I know baby, it isn't my best work for you, but it is shorter and cooler and that is what matters right now. He has such thick long hair...  Actually he pranced around showing everyone how cute he is and was proud of his haircut. He always is. And he is always adorable... 

Shade is the best thing to claim around here this week. 

Cocoa found the darkest thickest shade she could find! Now I think she may have been snoozing here... it was 15 degrees cooler under the tree. And since it was really close to 100.. that means a lot. Good spot Cocoa! 

Valentine who is always close to his Momma Cocoa had wandered to just the edge of the shade and was snacking on some long green grass. 

He is such a sweet boy. Big baby but sweet! 

Louise has claimed some shade along the back of one of the huts. 

But Louise... I think you will be moving soon as the shade is moving and your shade is getting smaller and smaller. Time to move to the other side of the hut! 

Crissy was hanging out under the tree next to the water bucket... good thinking... stay hydrated! Very important! 

She is so calm and sweet. Don't tell anyone but Hubby always says she is special to him. We don't pick favorites... but she is super special. I think it is all her personality, well..  Calm and Sweet.

Now I wish I could have you hear our Crepe Myrtle tree right now.. 

It is ALIVE!! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! There are thousands of bees in the tree and it is thrilling to hear and see them! We haven't had lots of bees the past few years. And that is scary for everything growing around here. But this year they seem to coming back and as long as they stay with the flowers... and not bothering me or the animals I am thrilled they are here! Buzz Buzz Buzz! 

Hope you got another smile this week... My fur babies do love making everyone smile! 

HUGS and 

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okienurse said...

I love seeing all the photos of the fur babies...they are so sweet. We have seen a lot of bees up here this year also and another thing...Fireflies/lightening bugs, and earwigs. The past couple years there haven't been many at all! I am glad to see the first two but the earwigs are a pain!
Have a great week and stay cool!