Saturday, June 5, 2021

Animal Crackers - ARTSY

Howdy - 

Doing things a bit different this week - We have had inches of rain this week and things are pretty wet around here. And well... one day this week I was sitting in the car waiting for Hubby running errands around town and well I found an app that turns photos into works of art! The app is called Prisma, and I am not getting any payment for sharing about it. Just had some fun with it and loved how the photos turned out. And well it filled my time where I didn't get cranky before Hubby came back. LOL 

So I just pulled up some favorite photos from my phone and went to work on my masterpieces. 

First up ... Abigail and baby Penelope - 

Love how the grass looks! and Abigails fur is so pretty.  Fun coloring to it too.. 

Then Autie - did one where his face is more realistic ... but his flowing fur is so pretty. 

This one of Gato has a bit of a color by number look to it. I LOVED Color by Numbers as a kid. Reminds me of afternoons with Grandma. And I think Gato looks gorgeous here. 

This one is a really old photo of two donkeys we don't have any more.. Marissa & Caliente but is has always been a favorite photo of mine. 

Another total favorite photo is this one of Olive Oyl ... baby Olive Oyl. She was stretching in the sun and I love the original photo so much. And this "painting" of her is just fun I think. 

This is a recent photo of Patti... and I love the look she is giving me. So much personality and for her painting I went for some fun - 

And then the last one was just cracks me up - The photo of Peso is funny, and this painting is a riot! 

Very Artsy don't you think? 

Now I know all these photographs have been shown in the past, but I had so much fun playing with them and turning them into little pieces of well... art! 

Hope you enjoyed them... We never get upset with rain around here... but really its soggy now, no change that.. it is standing in water around here, and a few days of sun would be enjoyed. But not that we are complaining we are thankful and blessed with the rain... lol In August we will want every 1/10th of inch! 

Have a blessed weekend. 

HUGS and 


Soaring Eagle said...

That is so fun. Absolutely loved the "paintings".

okienurse said...

Very nice! I think I will down load that app! I do diamond painting and I think that those photos would turn into some awesome diamond paintings. I have some of my critters (cats and dogs) that I have tried to get a custom diamond painting from but seems so flat...with this I think they can see the colors and depth better.

Ginger Shaw said...

Those pictures of your babies were lovely.
Might try this app myself.
Hope your weather improves.
It’s really cold here in Australia.

Carol Dee said...