Saturday, August 21, 2021

Animal Crackers - Beards blowing in the Breeze

Howdy -

AJ was really trying hard to get attention and get some head scratches or maybe he was just wanting to be the lead photo this week? Whatever I was more than happy to oblige with the head scratches of course. He is just so handsome. This guy has become a copy of his Dad Alvin  - personality and looks. 

Funny how different his twin brother Chipmunk is from him. Oh he is friendly and just a handsome, but totally different in coloring. He is dark and dapper - LOL 

I think he knows just how good looking he is - And that beard is just stunning in the wind. 

Now Louise and I tried to have a conversation about her beard. I just don't think it is lady like to drag your beard in the dirt, now is it? 

She was paying no attention to me at all... kept on eating. Just not lady like at all! 

Now this isn't a perfect picture cuz I had to do some major zooming here.. but it was just too cute to not try and capture! 

Kitten "Shadow" was taking an afternoon nap in the shadows! This is his favorite place to nap... yep around the leg of the goat hut. Most of the time all you can see is his tiny hiney and back legs, but this time I got a little look of this cute face too! 

Speaking of cute face.. my poor sweet baby boy Autie. Can you tell he isn't feeling 100% here? 

My baby boy was bad this week and got in the trash... and that went horribly wrong. He found a sharp cat food lid and cut himself. Normally they can't even get into the trash with our safety lid but somehow they pulled it over. Oh my was so scary and stressed me to the limit. And we won't even go into the horror he trailed all around the house. Took me a while to get him calmed down and the bleeding to stop. But finally he was laying at my feet and sleeping.... with his fur a mess and big tears dried on his face. And mine too... I was so upset that he was scared and hurting. He is about 90% back to himself now, he actually was sniffing at the garbage again the next day if you can believe that. Thats my boy... But no more getting in the garbage can! 

Thought I should show off one of Hubby's pots of flowers - he does have a green thumb - 

These are Vincas - and are going strong. The are so brilliant and bright. So pretty - 

Last photo is just too cool - 

Now don't mind the construction  - it is a never ending thing in our area. Hubby and I were heading home one evening this week and saw this amazing rain storm... it appeared to have just come across our area... we didn't get as much as we were hoping out of it as hard as it looked like but it was a nice shower. And really impressive to watch move across the horizon. 

I hope you enjoyed this week - Had a lot of things going on but always love to show off my fur babies - 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

I swear you have had more rain in your part of TX than we have had in out part of IA !!! Badly needed. Poor Autie, I hope he learned his lesson. Glad he is on the mend.

MichelleO said...

We have been blessed with much more rain than normal - and taking every drop! First year in forever that we haven't had to bring in LOTS of round bales for most of the donkeys. They have green! But it is now starting to dry out pretty good... so ready for another storm! LOL Autie is doing good. Didn't learn his lesson he was back at the trash can already. sigh..

Ginger Shaw said...

I hope your gorgeous little boy is feeling better. We hate it when our babies are unwell.
These last few months have been traumatic for me. In November my beautiful little girl Pepa died aged 16.
In July I adopted a little rescue dog. Becky. She was a mini fox terrier and so loveable.
But 7 weeks later she suddenly collapsed and died.
The Rescue group contacted me and said “was it too soon” but they had another little dog in desperate need of a home.
She was a 9 year old long haired chuihaha. Had been a breeding dog in a puppy mill.
She has only 3 teeth so her little tongue hangs out all the time.
What can you say.?
Her name is Miss Molly and she is gorgeous.
Hope all your babies are well.