Saturday, December 18, 2021

Animal Crackers - Beards Blowing in the Wind

Howdy - 

It is just such an issue for these ladies... their beards blowing in the wind. Your trying to eat, chewing, talking or just posing for a photo for "Mom"... and that long beard is just blowing in the wind. 


Such a happy go lucky girl.. Lizzie was just standing there in the breeze - or gust of big wind. Her thin but long beard just blowing to the side. 

And right next to her... well always right next to her is her sister Jackie.. yep beard blowing in the wind.


Her beard though... it is much thicker - and love that stripe in hers. I'm not sure why but Jackie is a bit more serious. Not as up front friendly as her sister. They were both partially bottle fed so they were super friendly kids, but now that they are old ladies... Well Jackie is just more serious. 

Snapped a photo of Olive Oyl just as the wind was calm for a second. Now she has a very long beard. Thin as well, but very long. 


She is such a sweet girl. Not sure why she had such a hard time when we bred her, took a few tries and then she lost one almost full term. I haven't tried again she was just too sad and we almost lost her. So she is just a member of the ladies group now. Shame she is so pretty. 

And then a funny photo of Sweet Pea - this girl totally cracks me up! Can't you hear her? "Beard what beard?"

No Sweet Pea you have no beard - I always thought it would grow in at some point. Her Mom had a very tiny short thin beard... but Sweet Pea ended up with none.. its ok girl, easy to eat and no distractions in the wind! She does have that same under bite that her momma had. Those bottom teeth just always stick out - a personality grin I say!

Found a photo from last week of Jolene that I missed - I am so in love with this lady - We were advised to purchase her years ago as a really good future breeder - And it was no lie. She produces gorgeous babies and is an amazing Mom. Beautiful, loving and good "business" LOL

I was walking through the house the other afternoon - saw this in the cats window bed. I had to freeze and snap a photo ASAP!

Ferrari and Mercedes - sound asleep - monkey see monkey do?? Must be a comfortable position to snooze in huh? 
Then McLaren.. "Uh share that bed? Thank but I'll just take one of the dogs beds!" 
That's an awful big bed for you little kitty - she doesn't really care - she tries to take our bed at night too - Silly kitty. 

Hope you have a smile again this week - Have a safe and blessed week - 
HUGS and

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your babies were all Egyptian Pharoahs in an earlier life with their beards. It was a sign of Royalty.
They are all gorgeous.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas