Saturday, December 3, 2022

Animal Crackers - Misty Day

Howdy - 

I kept waiting for the fog and mist to burn off so I could go out and get some nice portrait photograph with bright sun. But well... it just wasn't happening. So out in the drizzle I went to snap some photos. And everyone was really wanting to come in for close ups. Ok... they really wanted treats... but let me think they wanted to see me.

Alvin is such a handsome man. Those eyes just melt me! And he is so sweet. Now while I was out I saw he has broke free a section in his panels... between him and the ladies so it was an emergency repair needed. LOL need to keep him secure so we don't have a population explosion. 

I found Cocoa and Valentine out by the old barn. It amazes me how green the winter grass has come in, after a year of brown. The fabulous rain and moisture of these drizzle days we have had the last couple of weeks have things growing! Love the photos with bright new green.... much prettier than dead brown.

Cocoa and Valentine love all the green. They have a round bale for themselves now and believe me they have done some serious damage to it, but they always seem to move to the grazing the green as well. I then realized that Teddy was not with them or even near them I decided that I needed to find him to make sure he was ok. They have the nick name "Three Stooges" for a reason, they are always together. Found him way off towards the front grazing. LOL Had to be good to leave his buddies - food is the only reason you go off on your own, that way you get more to eat more before you are joined. 

Ok so Teddy was good - so back to my photos. Passed the lady goats, Gracie was talking to me.  She posed pretty and smiled -


Just simply beautiful. This girl is such a sweetheart! 

Now to the Ladies donkey pen. Everyone was heading towards me. I think Irene had been napping a bit when she turned towards me to get some ear scratches. 

She picked her ears up once I started loving on her. Just took a minute to wake her up a bit. LOL She moves slow but is always a sweet loving girl. 

Now one that is usually quick and right up front for her pushy attention. Miss Josie - 

Love this tiny little girl. The top of her nose feels like silk - and giving her ear scratches and kisses on her nose is a must! 

And then around the corner towards me came Miss Vicki - She is really a stunning gorgeous girl. Bright White with light brown and near black spots... and those greenish colored eyes. But she is not a prim and proper little girl. This girl is more Tom boyish. She loves to roll in the dirt and be just well... covered in mud! 

Loved on her between her ears, and on her cheeks, but honestly she was just filthy! Oh well.. I have to wash my hands anyway so might as well give her a good loving! 

I hope you have your Saturday Smiles again this week. We love sharing them with each of you. They bring so much joy to us that we have to share. 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Thanks for the Saturday smiles.

Ginger Shaw said...

Loved all the photos from today.
Everyone looked so happy.
Must be the green grass.