Saturday, December 10, 2022

Animal Crackers - Smile!

Howdy - 

The two youngest girls Josie and Hannah were competing for attention while I was out yesterday. Now I got a few good photos, but honestly I should have done a video. These girls were swinging their heads back and forth and snorting and making lots of noises. But Miss Hannah just kept showing me her nose and snorting at me! LOL I wanted a cute photo of the two of them not a shot up Hannah's nose! 

But I kept trying... I see a little bit of Hannah's eye.. now Josie is acting up!

I think this is best I got... :0)  - Man I love these two girls! They are so funny and sweet.

Josie was trying hard to be calm and wait her turn. This is a really really hard thing for Miss Juliet. But She got her share of loving and head scratches. You can really tell she is Teddy's little sister here - And i love the tongue sticking out! 

Jealous of Crissy's morning nap - in her breakfast no less. The weather was wonderful slight breeze and in the mid 70's. If there had been a hammock out there I may have joined her.. but despite the fact the breakfast hay looked soft... well we know that ground has some nastiness there too... ha!

Had to share a photo of one of Hubby's roses - man it gorgeous right now! And that stunning orange red color is breath taking! 


And just cuz he was really demanding an audience... Sergio wanted to close things off today with just a little noise - Hope it works -

Not his best Hee Haw but it was with love! 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! 

HUGS and Have a Blessed weekend!


Carol Dee said...

What fun your pushing donkeys are! Love hearing Sergio! Your mid 70's sounds awesome. We are mid 30's and very foggy today. Ahhh Winter in IOWA, it could be worse.

Soaring Eagle said...

Oh my gosh, Sergio's hee haws are absolutely adorable. Just cracks me up.
Would love to come live with you and all your animals, and of course 70's sounds awesome. We had 3 inches of wet heavy snow yesterday. Yuck.

Martina said...

What a nice video with Sergio hee haws! =) And the funny girls abover =)
Ha, mid 70ies are summer temperatures here in Austria or late spring. The weatherforecast promised snow for the whole weekend and I am waiting for snow...but so far it is too warm with +2°C (about 35 Fahrenheit) it is only raining :(
Have a lovely day!

Ginger Shaw said...

Loved the photos of your girls. Isn’t that what they always do when you are trying to get a good photo.
Had a good laugh listening to Sergio.
Loved hubby’s roses. They are my favourite flower and especially red ones.
Sitting here in Kangaroo Land with the air conditioning on and it’s just started pouring down.
Weird weather.
Take care. Hilda