Saturday, January 14, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunny Skies Portraits

Howdy - 

 It has been gorgeous this week! And everyone has been out enjoying it! Perfect for some portraits too! 

Valentine was up first - Handsome man with that gorgeous blue sky behind him. 

I wanted to reach out and get that piece of hay off his nose, but I know him. He would have been insulted and walk off. It already was getting sketchy to get a photo, as his Momma, Cocoa and Teddy were walking off heading out to graze for the morning. Val tends to panic if he gets left behind! Seriously ... PANIC!

Heard a little grunt behind me. Scarlet or "Red" was lounging next to the fence enjoying the sun and full belly from breakfast. 

She is now the old lady of the group. She is mellowing a bit but I think she still is the leader of the ladies. 

As I went towards the back pens I hear fences banging and loud Hee Haws! Sergio was really being obnoxious trying to get my attention. Ok so Sergio is always pushy for his attention.

Its all good Serg - I always make time to scratch the top of your head and kiss that gorgeous silky nose! My baby!

Speaking of scratching... man those horns do come in handy! Olive Oyl was really going to town scratching her own back! OHHH that's the spot!

Such a pretty sweet little lady - and one really enjoying the morning. 
Lounging and enjoying the sun! That was Thelma as well. 

I tried to get her attention and get her to come over to me. She was way to interested in keeping a very close watch on Chica. Now Chica was in her own yard on the other side of the fence - but just in case it is always good to be ready to pop up and hide if Chica magically appeared on her side of the fence. Not that it has ever happened before - but just in case!

As I was heading in the house McLaren let out a loud Meow to get my attention. Now Libbie and Chica got new beds for Christmas - the Kitties got a few new window beds. Their old one were really old, and a few heavy rear ends jumping on them had done some damage. So more heavy duty beds were needed. They love them - they are larger and they really can stretch out and enjoy the sun through the window!

McLaren - This is our crazy cat. She really is just silly. I totally adore that when I talk to her she always tilts her head back and forth. At some times almost to the point that she falls over... LOL She is so funny! Crazy but Adored! 

Hope that silly face gave you a smile - and that you enjoyed another Animal Crackers post. 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday, your weather looks wonderful. Everyone looks happy and healthy.