Saturday, January 7, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunset Photoshoot


Sometimes its good to head out and take photographs at a different time of day. Sunset photos can be really stunning and you can get some stunning photos. Ok honestly here... we were out running around doing errands... things got longer than expected and well... we barely got home before the sun was down! LOL but sunsets do make some pretty photos! 

Lacey and her gorgeous long ears with sun going down behind her. So beautiful. She is such a tall girl, or is it those ears that make her look tall?

But Patti says I have long ears too! LOL Yes they all have long ears. Some are just better at showing them off! I love this angle of photo with the donkeys.

Their level you could say. They are so beautiful. 

Here is Mom and daughter - stunning in the sunset. Little Josie really is showing that stunning black fur. She's all grown up now, but very close with her Mom Jolene. Jolene probably thinks too close at times! Ha!

Sweet Vickie off in the background. She was just interested to see if "Dad" was coming out with some dinner. They have pretty much finished off this round bale now. We do make them eat ALL of it - as the price is so high no wasting any! No worries Vickie ... another bale is coming real soon!

Oh Miss Moxie... sigh... Had a couple of long sleepless nights with this girl this week. New Years Day she was not well at all. Now the fireworks freak her out a bit every year, but this was different. She was sick. Really had us extremely worried! 

She was slow to eat. Not like her at all. She wouldn't come to us. Not like her at all. She was slow moving and NO tail wagging. Not like her at all. She was not happy and bouncing at all! She was sick! For a couple of days and nights we checked on her day and night ... finally middle of the week she starting acting like herself again. And Now I think she is 100% herself. Not sure at all what she gotten into, but I don't think she will have it again. 

A rare photo of Old Outside Momma Cat! She is so hard to get to sit and let me take a photo of her, without bolting and hiding.


The life of an outside cat is usually a pretty tough life. Now she has her cat house - beds - fed daily and when really cold Hubby will get heat lamps for her house. So hard... but with some cushy comforts. I don't really know how old she is... OLD though. But still meows and talks to Hubby, and rarely she will sit and let me take her photo and she will say a word or two for me. She is a skittish thing - but still loved and part of the farm family. 

Speaking of kitties and family - Snapped a cute photo of one of the inside kitties. Porsche was holding down my fresh out of the dryer sheets...

I was asking her if those were hers to sit in.. I think this is the look of "Why Yes they are!" Didn't argue - she did seem to be enjoying them. Not that any of our fur children are spoiled or anything - :0) 

Hope you have another Animal Crackers Smile this week. All my fur children love you visiting and getting to know them each week. 

Have a blessed weekend and hug a furry friend! 

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! The sunset photos really did turn out nice. Glad all of your fur babies are happy and healthy- may it continue through out the year! hugs - Lori K.

Carol Dee said...

Good to know Moxie is well. Hope she stays out of whatever made her feel unwell. I love a good sunset. Such lovely photos of the sunset donkeys.

Ginger Shaw said...

The sunset photos were lovely.
Hope Moxie has got over her episode.
It’s so worrying when our pets get sick.
Hope you have a Wonderful New Year.