Saturday, February 4, 2023

Animal Crackers - Here Comes The Sun!

Howdy - 

 So it was a rough cold week here in Texas. Our life down here is not use to freezing temps and rain for days at a time! There is not equipment to clear the roads or keep up with the ice on power lines. Thankfully we personally never lost power, but many friends did. The days of cloudy rain and below freezing temps still took a toll on us... But yesterday the Sun came out!! It was so glorious! And everyone was out enjoying it! 

Love this photo of Lacey and Vicki - We purchased these two ladies at just 5 months old, years and years ago, they were so dependent on each other that we had to purchase them together because trying to separate the two was very traumatic and so we purchased them as a pair. Adore them both so much. And they have given us some adorable babies over the years!  

And they do pose well together don't they? LOL
 Speaking of posing... Sergio was grunting, snorting and shaking the fencing again to get my attention for his picture!

 And for his kiss on the top of his nose and ear scratches! Love my big boy! 

Stopped by the goat pen, many of the girls were out sunning and taking afternoon naps! 

Vera was really out - never did open her eyes for me when I was calling out her name! That sun did feel good though - So I let her sleep.

Found three other ladies enjoying the last of breakfast - Now Malory was really having the best of both worlds - laying in the soft hay, while eating, while Crissy and Gracie was just munching away!

And then here comes my girl Penelope!!

She was trotting really quick at me. She loves our quiet time just the two of us, but it is not something that happens often ... we usually are over run by everyone. So we take advantage of our special time!

These next two photos crack me up.... "Dad" opened up one of the pens that have not been used in a few months. The big donkeys were also chowing down! As fast as they could!! They thought they were going to be run out of the pen as it is not a normal place they are allowed. But it was opened especially for them to enjoy the green grass that has been filling in the pen.

Valentine would not even acknowledge me at all... no eye contact cuz that could ruin it all!

Cocoa on the other hand... I got the look from her!! Don't even think of making me leave here!!

I tried to tell her it was all hers but she wouldn't even let me get close to her... She was staying if I wanted her to or not! Ha! 

Hope you have your Animal Crackers smile again this week. And I do hope the weather is sunny and nice where you are! 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

I am so happy things are sunny and warmer for you in your part of TX. Dang that was a mess. On the bright side. The grass should grow well now!