Saturday, March 25, 2023

Animal Crackers - Just a Beard in the Wind

Howdy - 

 Went out this week and it was a very breezy day. Nice for me walking around, not cold, not hot. Nice. But for those with longer beards the wind was really causing a bad beard day! 


And my hair was pretty bad as well. The wind and the fact that Miss Hannah grabbed my hair and pulled! Ouch but couldn't get upset with her as... 

It was her 3rd Birthday! Can't get upset with her on her birthday right? LOL

Can't believe the girls are THREE! Miss Hannah and Miss Josie were born close together. Another reason they are BFF's! LOVE these girls. LOL

Their other BFF is Big Girl Juliet - She is such a sweetheart!

Pushy - yes, obnoxious - yes, but a total love! 

Got a great photo of Macie - I adore this old lady.  She is my kindred spirit... slow, short legged and a bit "round". 

Irene was keeping a close eye on the horse next door. Them and our Three Stooges Cocoa, Valentine and Teddy were all at the fence chatting.. I think Irene thought they were talking about her. A Nosy Nellie wanting to know what every one is doing and chatting about. 

Got a photo of my mascot - The Smiling Donkey "Raffie" - Started to not use this photo as it isn't the best view of him. Then I giggled and decided to use this for my BFF Deana... Look Deana... another floating donkey head for you!

It is a view that happens once in a while when your head and ears are so large and your legs are so short! Ha! 

Nature photo to end this week.. Many would just see weeds here. And honestly most of the time they are. But then when they bloom they are just so pretty in the breeze. 


To me they are those weed white flowers. But Hubby corrects me and says they are Poppy Mallows and they don't think of themselves as weeds. The guy loves his plants - LOL 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile this week - My fur children love to visit you! 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

We got 9 inches of snow yesterday! I forgot to come look at what's happening in TX. Love the weeds/wildflowers. So ready to see spring flowers here.