Saturday, May 25, 2024

Animal Crackers - Handsome

Howdy - 

 Came through the gate the other afternoon. The men were all watching us come in and looked so handsome with the sun setting behind them. 

Flavio is such a stud. He has slicked off pretty well for the summer. He always has that one last patch on his rear end and back that is last to go. LOL

Just about then Patricio trotted up as if to say me too... I am handsome too!

Pat Man we all know you are just as handsome! I just love his ears... they are always perfect standing up tall and proud. He has pretty much completely shed off.... just a tiny bit on his back. Slick and dark black... love that tan then he sun fades to his "reddish" coloring. Still handsome! 

Also handsome... My guy! Hubby out in the heat loading up hay out of the field for our fur children. Temps were at 99.... He never complains... well unless I miss the bale he thinks I am driving towards. 

 Hey its not easy driving in the air conditioned truck and reading his mind where I am suppose to be. LOL but we always work it out and get back on track! 

Now a couple girls... 

I had this photo of Juliet. Man this girl is hard to get a nice portrait of! She is trotting right into my face as soon as she sees me! I love her so much! 


My big girl watching over all her little friends!

 One last photo this week... sorry it was hot out there and I didn't get many photos this week. 

This last one I snapped while out feeding the chickens... Old Girl Spec.

We really have no idea exactly how old she is, we got her as a full grown chicken. But we have had her for a few years now. She is so friendly and so beautiful! And you see her how she got her name "Spec" So pretty! 

Hope you have you Animal Crackers smile this week... sorry light on photos, little under the weather and the heat just was too much this week. I am so not ready for this 100 degree days! 

HUGS and

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Anonymous said...

She is a pretty chicken! Its surprising how many different types of chicken there are- love those silly mop headed ones too! Enjoying your pics as always. Lori K