Saturday, May 11, 2024

Animal Crackers - It's that time of year

Howdy - 

Well it's that time of year... the weather is getting hotter and much much more humid. We have to keep a close eye on all of our fur children. But especially our older children. 

Darlene is doing pretty good. Staying in the shade and in her hut more during the day. 

She is such a pretty old girl and we are very cautious with her... 32 is pretty good. 

One of our studs Black Jack is right behind her at 29... he really is not liking the heat and humidity. Maybe it is his darker coloring but it really does a number on him. But as I am typing this he is right out my office window under the big tree next to me scratching his head on a low branch. 

Really watching him close. Hate when our babies are not feeling their best. But the heat can really make them down, heck I can't handle the heat either. But I have the luxury of coming inside in the AC! 

Chickens also are not fans of the heat - but they will cool off by jumping and splashing in their water. Makes a big mess and really does a number on the water float that Hubby has to fix numerous times a week so it doesn't leak, but cooling off is important too right? 

As I came back into the back yard I found Chica sitting out in the yard... squinting in the sun. 

Was such a silly look on her face... 

Silly grin too - Love this girl! 

I have been showing off our tomatoes recently. But Hubby made me realize that the Peach tree needed to be shown off too! 

Not ripe yet, but looking good! 

Not good... It's that time of year again... The SNAKES are out big time! Normally Hubby leaves the rat snakes alone... stomps and makes them move on away from things. But when they have found the chicken coop and are eating all our eggs! Well That buffet is always in their minds and they will come back over and over and eat as much as they can. So they have to go. 

 These two are over 5 ft. and the other close to 6ft. Yikes... I'm ok with them gone. 

Well other than the snakes I hope you got a smile this week - enjoy Sunday and Mother's day - 

Have a blessed weekend. 

HUGS and


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