Saturday, June 15, 2024

Animal Crackers - A Visit from Our Granddoggie!

Howdy - 

Such a fun week! We got to Doggie Sit our Grand-doggie Ammo!! His Mommy and Daddy had to go out of town and we get to sit for Ammo! We love Ammo so so much! He is my carbon copy clone of Autie... my baby boy. It like having a little piece of my Autie boy that comes to visit. 

Not only does he look just like Autie... he acts just like him too. 

Well I say he is exactly the same but Ammo is better groomed ... LOL We had him most of the week and it was so fun.

He has a schedule to keep. So we stick to that. It amazes me how he can tell time. Lunch is around 11:45... and at 11:40 he sits at my feet staring at me. LOL 

But once he has his meal he looks up and is a happy boy. Love him! And feel so blessed that we get to help out and take care of him when needed and enjoy him.

Miss Chica was a sweet big sister and shared everything and was nice the entire time. She loves her "little" brother. 

Had a photo of Penelope that was too sweet. She is so beautiful. And smart afternoon you stay in the shade of the huts! 

 Short on photos this week... sorry. Hurt my knee big time this week and walking is not too fun. I think it is getting better but man .. OUCH. I am use to knee pain, it is a normal lately, but I really pulled something this time. New meds today so hoping that will help more. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend and enjoy a hug from a furry friend!!

HUGS and


Ginger Shaw said...

Hope your knee is feeling better.
It’s lovely babysitting other people’s fur babies.
I’m the local go to dog minder round here.
I’ll mind anyone’s dog. I love them all.
We are having really cold weather here in Australia so it’s stay inside time.
Glad Ammo had a good time.

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