Saturday, June 8, 2024

Animal Crackers - Time to Hydrate!

Howdy - 

 Wow Summer is here! and so is the heat. The ladies know the importance of Hydrating. Now taking turns is sometimes is an issue. I think the larger the girl, and the older the girl - they go first. Poor little Josie is the youngest so she had to wait her turn.

But no worries about Miss Josie... she took the time waiting to come over to me and show me her all grown up big girl whiskers! 

She is such a pretty girl. Adorable and sweet. And Yes her whiskers are long! LOL 

Her 1/2 sister Hannah was coming over so Josie and I had to do some speed nose scratching! Hannah is much pushier than Josie. So when she gets to the fence it is all about her! Doesn't she look stunning all slicked off. Pretty Pretty! 

Hannah's Mom Bella and Miss Patti was next up for scratches. Really had to work around Hannah she just did not want to walk away! But everyone gets their attention time!

Walked through the goat pen next. Had to go in and walk through as they were all hiding out of the sun and in the shade of their huts. Mind you this was late morning... not afternoon and they were already taking to their huts! 

Lizzy had one of the larger huts all to herself. She seemed happy about that -

 Our numbers of goats has really gone down the last couple of years. We are wanting to let these older ones live life and then look at new "kids" in the future. 

The oldest now in the family is Malory - the most timid and cautious one left. Since she was born she just didn't have that gene of being friendly. Oh well, she has had a nice life here and we love her no matter what! Shhhh... she is taking a morning nap here... 

Last photo is way over zoomed! But hey we are talking super fast little critter when you get too close! We have lots of little bunnies this year.

Moxie has always taken care of the population of bunnies. Despite me talking to her and asking her to leave them alone please. But now Moxie is getting old and chasing these quick little rabbits are just not on her list of things to do now. So they are everywhere! Especially early in the mornings. So adorable. And FAST! I snapped and it was gone into the brush and I wasn't even that close at all! They know when you are looking at them! 

I hope you enjoyed this week - Have a Animal Crackers Smile! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Ginger Shaw said...

Love all the pictures of your babies.

They all have their own personalities don’t they?
Love the bunnies.

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