Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Donkey Photos

Wow... what a week, I hope your holiday was as wonderful as ours was here. Santa (family) was really way over generous with us, and we received lots of wonderful presents. One of which was my mother got us a Wii.... yes we are both so sore from playing and laughing it really is sort of sad, how sore! But I tell you I don't remember the last holiday that we all had so much fun and laughed so hard. Got some really great crafting things... including gift cards and $$ to spend.

I now am looking forward to getting back to normal... whatever normal is, and a routine. I have felt almost disoriented the past week not posting - I am working on a few DT projects and a couple of cards for next week, but today is Donkey day... so no cards today.

I didn't take as many photos as I usually do of the kids with the donkeys. But I did get a few of really great ones!!! What do you think?

The first two are Talisyn and Kaylynn (my nieces) with baby Josie.. now common how precious are these two? oops three?

The girls love feeding the donkeys, we went thru 6 pounds of baby carrots in a matter of minutes, moving from pen to pen to make sure everyone got their share.
Oops I think Kaylynn and my Mom dropped Rosie's Carrot....
Tagen couldn't get around to feed the donkeys, (with his cast) he usually doesn't get too close anyway, they still make him a tad nervous, but he loves watch them. I love this photo of him on his Dad's shoulders.
Wish I had gotten more photos, but most importantly the kids had fun.. and the donkeys got lots of Carrots!
HUGS and


Sally said...

Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Glad you had such a nice Christmas. We had a lot of laughter this year too!

BethW said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures. I am so glad you and the "children" had such a Merry Christmas!

Donalda said...

Oh girl I bet that you did have a blast I hear those Wii's are a ball. Thanks so much for sharing the pic's it sure looks like the kids had a great time with the donkeys. Hugs

Lim said...

Beautiful pictures Michelle. Thanks for sharing your family with us. :))
Looks like you have a blast!

Your nieces and little donkey are gorgeous!!!!

Chris (catt871) said...

Cute!!!! I bet they love coming out to visit the donkeys (& you of course!!!) I wanted a WII but Santa was all out of them by the time he got my wish!!! boo hooooooo

Annie said...

it looks like everyone had lots of fun! take care, hugs, annie x

TA Carbone said...

Fantastic photos and looks like the donkeys were enjoying themselves also.

Wishing you and your family, donkeys included a Very Happy & Healthy New Year


Heidi said...

WOW I love all this beautiful photos. Thank you for showing its so nice

Hugs and love

Dawny P said...

Wonderful pictures Michelle - TFS xxx I can only imagine hoe many carrots you go through!!

There is a donkey that lives opposite us and it was his birthday yesterday - 19 years old!!! My husband takes our grandaughter to see him most days with a little treat for the old boy. I must try and get a piccie of them all together. He is a funny old thing - he alway licks the gate after his treat - he does it every time!!! xxx

retiredheather said...

What wonderful family photos! There is certainly no question that love abides on your farm.
Happy New Year

TA Carbone said...

oh Michelle did you see the new WOJ stamp that is just 1 being released on January 3rd. I didn't have an email to contact you but have a look here and look at this donkey it reminds me of your little ladies


Linanna DESIGNS said...

Oh Michelle, i am so pleased to hear you had a fabulous christmas. Oh my god those donkey photos are just gorgeous!!! my children have just wooed and arghed over them!!! they are adorable hun. Well looking forward to visiting you in 2009 and seeing more of your wonderful crafty creations that you are good enough to share with us. hugs Linda x