Friday, December 12, 2008

I can hear you saying "Ohhhh how cute"!!!

Yes I bet you can't not say it!!!!!!!

This is Josephina.. and she is one week old today. Our little, tiny surprise baby from last Saturday, she is sooo adorable. And you know if you didn't say it you were thinking it... OOhhhh how
cute!!!! And please do not be like Hubby and say she looks like Ringo Starr or any of the Beatles, she is a cute little girl, who I think is going to need barrettes in her future. :0)

My second Donkey photo is another really Ohhh how cute photograph. We were out in one of the pens, the one that has Darlene and her Thanksgiving Baby "Pavo"... we she was done with us, and walked away. It was so funny, she gave a snort to Pavo as if to say. Son come now.. and he dropped his head and followed, but you could see that he was not ready to go.

Next is Ted E. Bear... one of our three Standard Donkeys. He LOVES bubbles. Yes each day Dad washes their bucket and refills it, and Ted love to be right there to drink from the top of the bucket and play in the bubbles. He is my funny bear, love him so much.

Ok.. now only if I had sound for you to hear the last photo today! Seriously it was really really loud!!! This is Raphael "Raffie", my smiling donkey, and he was trying to get our attention as we came out of one pen of donkeys to make sure we were coming to see him in his pen... "Yes, Raffie we are coming..." How can you say no to a face like that?

Well that is Donkey Day Saturday... hope you enjoyed my fun photos this week. As we are getting close to Christmas, and so many of the challenges are going on break until after the first, I to may take a few days here and there, to try and get a bit caught up and ready for Christmas. You think I should start my Christmas Presents I was planning to make? Yep.. better get a grove on!
I will be back tomorrow for the last Magnolia Vs. Stampavie Challenge of the year..... Have a great Saturday!

HUGS and-


Chris (catt871) said...

Oh you know WHAT we were saying!! I even called Hubby up to look at them, telling him how BADLY I want to move to a farm!!!!! Your babies are so freakin' cute, I can hardly stand it!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Donkey Saturdays!!!!

Jilli said...

Donkey Saturday is also the highlight of my weekend and my hubby like Chris' loves to come see the donkeys too! They're also so adorable and you're very very lucky! Jillix

Anita said...

TFS! How cute!!!!!!!

christina d said...

OOH! How cute! I want to give each and every one of them a hug!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. Your babies are completely adorable.

Justine said...

I just love coming over to your blog to read about your little darlings. They are alot of fun

TA Carbone said...

Oh these are WONDERFUL and so cute. Yes I said it. Boy Michelle I would love to take a road trip and see all your babies. Who knows if the doctor says I can take my road trips maybe I just may see the sites

aka TA

Cynde said...

Michelle I love seeing all your Critters.. Wish I still had a few of mine...we now live on a city lot. Oh how I live vicariously thru your posts....can almost smell those cuties just from memory...Teehee...Hope you enjoy your time off.

Heidi said...

I just love this photos my friend-and I really love donkeys. I always let Martine see your photos beacause she love animals and she want one of your donkey for christmas she told me today. She is funny!!!!!

Have a great day Michelle and give the donkeys a hug from me and my little girl

retiredheather said...

I think I am beginning to fall inlove with your donkeys. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.
Happy Holidays

Annie said...

oh yes Michelle, so definately cute! do you have to make 29 pressies for them all too! hugs, annie x

PaperSunshine said...

He has bangs! LOL! Yes of course I said it ;) I look at this farm behind my house, yes the back of my house is backed up to a real farm! We are in a city area but the very edge where it meets what's left of the rural area, anyway I so wish I could rent the empty pasture that adjoins my yard so I could have some of these little guys. I know, not practical but it's a dream :)