Saturday, August 8, 2009

Donkey/Libbie Day - no babies - no rain - just heat!

NO I know can you believe it no babies yet, no rain all we have had a lot of this week is heat! it has been over 100 every day this week and no sign of rain in the forecast!

We are seeing some changes in the Mom's to be... Macie is starting to look a little less wide, the baby is turning - slowly but turning so things are moving along.. sigh... Jazz and Cheyenne are about the same -

How is this for Cute? Rosie and Irene... Rosie got really bad a few weeks back scary bad. I didn't say anything cuz it just upset me to much to even talk about it. We again were ready to call the vet and have her put down. Then we found this new food, and Hubby (Dad) decided to push meds again try the food and see if we could get some weight back on her. This is a special equine food made to help them gain weight - with lots of vitamins and lots of FAT! Well it is working!! She is looking better than she has in a long time, gaining weight and she has started playing with the ball and hee hawing again!!! If we ever figure out what works we may kick this or at least keep it far in the distance!
Here is "Dad" giving Rosie her Meds - twice a day we walk her into a small side pen, give her meds to her and then feed her her food. We have to get her in a pen by herself, that food must be really good cuz all of the other donkeys realllllly want some! She is pretty good about taking her medicine - heck she has done it twice a day for almost a year off and on -

Now after she gets the medicine - Dad holds her head and then opens her mouth - she has learned how to hold it in her throat and then spit it out after Dad walks away... she usually does this with some of it 1/2 the time! That is another sign she is getting better - when she is bad.. she just doesn't even care.

OH and I wanted to show you a photo of Cali... she is starting to shed some of her baby fur.. a bit early but hey it is over 100 degrees remember? Well we have started noticing her mane.. look at how dark it is coming in... and she even has one dark, almost black spot on her neck. You can just see it here in the reddish/brown stripe.. I have looked really close and it is really dark hair growing in. Cutie huh?

Here is Libbie... I told her to go and get Purple Dog and show him off to the camera.. this is her special toy. NO ONE is aloud to touch purple dog, especially Gato. She takes it to bed every night and then in the morning she goes and gets it and brings it to our bed to wake us up. Yes wonderful a wet.. little ... semi fuzzy toy in my bed.. LOVELY way to wake up.

Then I was asking her to pose for the camera... we got to laughing and this is her cute pose... we do this when happy to see you.. when we did something wrong.. when we want something.. this is our go to pose... for any issue!

But then she decided that she was done and kept turning her head and not looking at me.. I think this is the stars way of saying.. "Please no more photos..."

And then she just started barking at me... "I said no more photos!!"

Hope you enjoyed.. and thanks for putting up with my Saturday photo days... I love sharing my babies with family and friends - and yes that means all of you -
HUGS and -


jacque4u2c said...

These are great photos - I always enjoy looking at all your babies and babies to be!

Niki said...

Thanks for taking time to share your photos. I look forward to seeing all the "critters" every Sat.


Dawn said...

Hiya Michelle
Well I for one love your furry Saturdays, bless those mamas to be they must be so tired in the heat..
Can't wait to see them babies.
I had such a laugh at Libbie she is just amazing...
So glad Rosie has improved you must have been so worries, what is actually wrong with Rosie.. she looks so lovely.


Janiel/ janny said...

I really enjoyed reading your post! Lots of fun to see the photos and hear about all your little babies.. Keep them coming..
have a great weekend.. janny

Penni said...

Fab photos of your beautiful donkeys. Those mums-to-be cannot possibly get any bigger - can they!?!

Hope you get some rain soon.


Anonymous said...

I live for your fur babies on Saturdays! (love your blog all the time)...Glad something seems to be working for Rosie...she sure is a little cutie!

Wishing you babies and rain...


Anonymous said...

I live for your fur babies on Saturdays! (love your blog all the time)...Glad something seems to be working for Rosie...she sure is a little cutie!

Wishing you babies and rain...


PaperSunshine said...

Libbie is a smart girl! Love your donkey photos too. Cali is a pretty girl :) Thank goodness Rosie is doing better, I am so sorry she has had so much trouble but I give you a lot of credit for trying and doing all you can, that's wonderful and prayers she will stick with it and get better. Hang in there both of you!


Ms. Cheryl said...

Girl, I thought for a minute I could smell the farm... such a good memory. Thanks so much for sharing life on the farm. I love seeing the progression of the babies and of course Libbie. I would love to visit them up close and personal. Have a blessed day, ms.cheryl

Rach said...

hi sweetie, fabulous photo's. libbie is so cute.. hugs rachxx

Susie M. said...

Heeheeheee....I JUST love these animals!!! I wish I could come see them in person and libbie is a real ham isn't she? LOL just like my little pinky. :)

Linda said...

I wish/pray/hope you'll get some rain soon! Those poor animals need the relief! And it might bring out a baby or two!!! I'm so happy you didn't have to have your Rosie put down. What a heartbreak that would have been!

Your Libbie is a ham! Love it!

Hugs, Linda

Rosalee said...

Great pics, your donkey's look so cute. But I have to say I have a Favorite. Cali, looks so adorable and shy. Very cute