Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.. with THREE Babies!

I still can't believe it! Three babies this week.. three adorable babies! What a wonderful Birthday Gift!! Yes today is my birthday... I think I am going to spend it loving on furry babies and working on my Craft room addition with Hubby - Then maybe dinner out later -

So now what to see some baby photos?
How is this for a group shot of all three babies with "Dad"... I still LOVE seeing all of them together!
Sergio meets his half sister Felicia...

And then he meets his half brother Carlos ...
Here is a Carlos... stunning little man - already we can see he is going to be the outgoing one, very friendly and well .. funny!

And here is Felicia... very tiny about 18-19 inches tall, very fuzzy and just adorable. She at first was kind of skittish - her Mom is skittish.. so that is where she gets it. But we have loved all over her and she is really a hugger and very friendly.

And then our man.. Sergio - Wow just stunning the oldest of the three he is very independent - again his Mom makes him this way. She is a very "loose" Mom lets him wander off on his own. She feels safe in this pen and trust all the other ladies here. (Black Jack the babies Dad is penned up for a couple of weeks while the little ones get their legs under them) I think Hubby is going to have a really hard time selling this one - he is attached to all three already.. but Sergio being a solid black well... he is just solid gold!

And then here is Libbie.. she was more than ready for us to be done loving on the baby donkeys... she is definitely my dog.. hates the heat and loves the air conditioning!! Pant Pant Pant....

Hope you enjoyed!

See you tomorrow for the winner of my Birthday Blog Candy...
HUGS and-


Susie M. said... SWEET!!! aren't they just adorable??!! congratulations!! and thankyou for sharing their pics with us. :)

Niki said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy.

The new babies are beautiful. Sergio is going to be stunning when he grows up.

Stampin2day said...

The new babies are so adorable!
I would suggest a nice green..with a very light (almost white tinted green for the trim)
I just painted my craft room this color and the white of my craft desk and shelves just pop against it!
Plus, the cute storage baskets, I purchased are orange and boy do they look good!

Donalda said...

Oh just gorgeous my friend, just want to reach through the screen and give them a hug!!!
Happy Birthday my dear! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt really bad today lol Hugs

BethW said...

Happy happy birthday! I think you've already got the best presents-they are all adorable. Hope there are many many hope Happy birthdays for you and yours.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday and I love the cute little ones!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday. What a great way to celebrate with 3 such adorable little ones. I think that you all deserve some cake

Anonymous said...

happu birthday four times!!!!
for you and the birth of these tree adorable baby's

big hug!!!!

TuKara said...

Ils sont adorables!!bravo!!!

Susan said...

Absolutely adorable! Glad to hear babies and moms are all doing fine. Happy Birthday to you.....hope you have a great day!

Di said...

Oh WOW just how gorgeous are these babies I WANT ONE!!!!! boo hoo Felicia is my fave!

Happy birthday have a wonderful one!!

Hugs Di xxxx

Janiel/ janny said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love to come here and read about your little fur babies..
hugs, janny

Shauna K said...

super happy birthday!!! enjoy your day :D that pic of all three babies is sooo cute :D thanks for sharing :)

Lynne in NI said...

Awww so cute! I think Felicia is my favouite ...can you post her over please! LOL!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetie:O) And aren't you lucky! What a wonderful Birthday gift.... They are so adorable, Michelle:O) Enjoy them, and hope you have had a lovely day.
Hugs, Nancy;O)

Naoual said...

Awww... how cute are they!! I think I'm in love, would love to come over and give them a hug, if only you didn't live so far away ;o)

Happy 21st birthday *wink wink*, hope you've received my card by now! Have a fabulous day with your family girl, enjoy your dinner out.

Big hugs, Naoual xx

Julie Temple said...

Those babies are so precious! Thanks for sharing them with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Anonymous said...

Those babies are so cute :) What a wonderful birthday pressie. Happy Birthday, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Martine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) :), and awwwww look at all those adorable babies, aww they are soooo cute hunni, i bet you are chuffed to bits :)



Lana Clarke said...

Oh wow what what a beautiful birthday gift Michelle..........
I adore them they are so sweet and I hope you had a wonderful day!
Lana x

Nunt said...

Happy belated, and I must say, the kids are gorgeous :D


Happy Crafter said...

Happy Birthday Michelle and lucky you three gorgeous baby's they are so adorable, Felicia has the cutest face but i love all of them thanks for sharing these wonderful pics:)
My how Libbie has grown bless her she will be warm under all that fluffy fur.
Hope you have a fantastic day:)
Big Birthday hugzzz Val xxx

anja said...

how adaroble baby's can be,i love your pictures,gr anja

Dawn said...

Awww Happy Birthday - hope you had the best day... what with all those furry babes to cuddle it must have been wonderful... they are just so adorable and make you fell all warm and fuzzy!! LOl


Archies Mum said...

Happy Birthday again Michelle. Hope you have a great day. Love your babies, they are soooo gorg and I have to admit that I think Felicia is just sooo cute, and can't forget Libby she is lovely too Yola x

Anonymous said...

Congrats! 3 beautiful baby's! You are very lucky on the pure black, he is a good looking fellow!

Hugs- Karen

Trina said...

Oh my goodness, I love seeing your adorable donkeys!! They are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Jóna said...

Happy Birthday Michelle :o)
Your baby's is sooooooo adorable I wish I could have them here in Iceland, for a visit maybe ?????? :o)
I hope your Birhtday has been wonderfull,
Hugs, Jóna

PaperSunshine said...

YES! How wonderful. Congrats on three healthy babies! Happy Birthday again and girl we need deets! Details onthe babies, allthree born on the same day? Who what when where! While I am thrilled ot see them and your pictures are adorable, this has me so hooked I want to know more LOL! If you have time :) That is is so great you are getting your craft room , colors- well yellow is energetic bright and cheery, green is calming and serene and blue is gentle and can also be serene. Depends on what "vibe" you want! What's your favorite color? That's my thoughts anyway :) Congrats again, the babies are all just too cute :)

Bastel-Oase said...

Hey Michelle,
I injoy your blog. It´s a dream to spend a holiday on your farm with all the animalls. When I see your posts ich have a nice day. Sorry for me bad english but it´s long ago that I need it.


Cynde said...

Michelle First off Happy Belated Birthday My Dear!!! Sounds like you had a very fun day. Your Babies are just too darn Cute! They are the sweetest looking little things. I want to just squeeze and love on them. They look so soft and cuddely. Congratulations to you and Hubby on all the beautiful babies!!
Hugs Cynde