Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Great Donkey Day!!!

Yes it is a wonderful, great Donkey Day!

Not many good Donkey photographs... as just as I got out and started taking photos.. it started pouring rain!! And that is just fine with me!

Here you can see the youth pen.. the pen with all of my 1-2 year old donkeys... they really have the best barn of all the pens - and when it rains they are all inside and watch the rain from a dry place. It may be hard to see in the photo... but that is really hard rain falling!!

This is my other wonderful blessing this week. Felicia - she is doing much much better and we actually put her and her Mom Macey back into the pen with their friends. I really don't want to even think about how close we came to loosing this precious little girl. She was one really sick donkey. She is not 100%... still just a bit weak, but eating well and actually trying to play with her brothers just a bit. Now the only scary thing is waiting for the vet bill! LOL

Sergio was really happy to have her back. After loosing his Mom, Cheyenne - Felicia was his buddy. They slept together and were always side by side. When we had to take her out of the pen when she got so sick, Sergio really was sad and missed her. But now he has her back and is keeping a close eye on her.

Thought you might want to see the other "babies" Cali is getting so big.. She is my little accident girl. She is always scraped and has boo boo's on her. She plays really hard.. Just like her Mom Lacey.
Mirta... my tiny little spot girl. Poor thing she is going through her scraggly fur days... I need to get in there and really brush her out this weekend. Her and Cali really do play hard and love each other - they run so fast and Mirta being the smaller one, can out corner Cali every time - they are so funny to watch. Now that it looks like all the stress of sick donkeys is behind us, I need to pull out the video camera this week and capture some donkey races!

One more photo... couldn't leave out Carlos. He is so gorgeous and healthy not a worry with him! Growing like a weed, him and his brother Sergio has really learned how to play... and just like two boys they play really rough! I just hope that Felicia can stand up to these two boys and hold her own! But as any girl.. I am sure she will figure out how to control the guys!

No Libbie photo.. the rain just was too bad.. to get her out and get any photos. OH I need to see about videoing her running too... she is too funny with those little legs running across the yard. I just have to wait until it isn't so muddy... she would really be a mess then!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday... me there is more rain predicted again today... gonna watch it out the window and enjoy each drop!

HUGS and-


DawnMarie said...

I'm really glad you've got some rain Michelle, we've had too much recently and there was flooding in the east of Scotland last week. Glad all the babies are coming on, wonderful pictures and I look forward to seeing the video's. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Michelle, these babies are gorgeous. I am in love with Felicias ears. They look so soft and cuddly. I bet she is so nice to hug with all that fluffy fur. I would have to snuggle in those ears. I bet they are all loads of fun. You and hubby take wonderful care of these precious animals and I bet they give you lots of love for it. Have a great weekend and enjoy all the rain while it's there. I know you waited forever for it to come.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you got the rain, and we got the sunshine! And so happy to see Felicia is well enough again to play with her friend Sergio. I love to see the donkey pics on Saturdays - take care, keep dry, and love to you and yours. hugs, annie x

Suzanne said...

So pleased you have some decent rain at last and the babies all look well and are growing fast. I have been coming by to look at you beautiful cards but life has been a bit hectic the last couple months and I just haven't had time to stop and comment.I don't like the winter but it gives me more time for blog hopping!!hugs Sue :o)

Diamond Doll said...

Well you got your rain Michelle and good news all round for all the Donkeys Big and small, fab photos once again. I love your Donkey Day posts.
Have a great Sunday.
Trish (-:

Lynne said...

Really pleased for you that you got some rain. Your donkey are gorgeous. Lynne

Ida said...

What sweet little pictures of your Donkeys. They are adorable. I love the color of Felicia and am happy to hear she's feeling better.
Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

Michelle, they are all adorable, so cute. I am so glad they are all doing so well now and look forward to your posts!! Jo x

Linda said...

Praise the Lord for the rain!!! And I'm so glad your adorable little girl is better. She's my favorite :).

Hugs, Linda

Cynde said...

What Great pictures Michelle. The babies are all getting big. So very glad everyone is one the mend and feeling well. What a blessing! Glad to hear you're getting the rain you need. Thanks for sharing the babies with us, and all the good news. hugs Cynde

Susie M. said... cute. They're coming right along!

Heidi said...

Michelle- as always, these babies are just wonderful, so sweet and I can only imagine how fun they are to be around. You have been blessed. And yet,.... I am so sad that you lost Cheyenne- I feel like we've gotten to know these donkeys so her loss is very saddening.

Alice said...

They are all adorable!

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