Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Saturday!

Donkey/Libbie Day!

I went out yesterday afternoon - the sun was shining bright and everyone enjoying the weather. It is a bit cooler now, they are seriously enjoying that. They don't like the summer heat. And we have had rain!! YEA!! So that means there is actual green stuff growing!

Vickie was looking over her little girl Mirta... who by the way is a gorgeous red and white spot! Vickie is such a good Mom... and gorgeous herself!

Ellie Mae is Vickie's Best Friend - and one of first donkeys. We keep our fingers crossed that one day she will have a baby of her own. Hubby keeps saying this is her year... I so hope he is right. She is a beautiful girl.

I caught "Daddy" and Sergio having some private time. Sergio is a sweet little boy... We are both getting very attached to him - our boy....

Of course in this pen you can't have private time for very long - then the other two babies - Felicia and Carlos want their time too... :0)

And one of Libbie this morning... although she was in a hurry again and really did not want to sit still... if only you could see the shaking... The Cat was down the hall taunting her.... nanny nanny boo boo... one second later and she was gone!

Well Saturday Donkey/Libbie Day... thanks for letting me share "my babies" with you - and I hope you have a wonderful day! :0)


DawnMarie said...

Hi Michelle, glad you are finally getting some rain. Gorgeous pics, I especially like the ones of Daddy and the babies hugging. Too cute. I'm always amazed with Libbie's eyes, they are just so blue. Hope you are well. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! thanks for sharing the pictures with us today. there is a little something on my blog for you.
hugs, annie x

Jo said...

Hi Michelle, I so look forward to Saturdays when you share your donkeys with us, they are gorgeous and must be so much work for you. I love the one of "Daddy" and Sergio, so cute!! Jo x

Cazzy said...

Fab photos Michelle, love the babies and Libbie!

Cazzy x

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle, so glad all is well with the Donkeys and Libbie,fab photos of them all.Thanx for sharing them with us.
Trish (-:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weekly picas of the *kids*...I really look forward to your blog posts!


Danni said...

I just want to cuddle all your "babies" these posts!

Cynde said...

Oh my are so right Vickie is a very pretty girl. Wish we could see the face on her daughter too. Love the red spots. I too hope it's EllieMaes' year! I chuckled when I saw the picture after sergios quiet time with Dad...too funny! They all want some Lovin. They are all truly too Stinkin Cute! Hugs, Cynde

Penni said...

Another super Donkey Day Michelle. Thanks for sharing.

I've left a little something for you on my blog.


Shelly said...

I had just discovered your blog only to have my internet service messed up. I'm so happy to be able to be back and see your donkeys. They look so affectionate to each other and your dh. Libbie is beautiful!

Dawn said...

Aww Michelle I loved the photo of hubby cradling Sergio - how adoable is that photo - Is he a Daddy's boy !!

I love Donkey/Libbie Saturdays!

and of course look at that wee furry face of Libbie she is just the bees knees!!