Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Dark Rainy Donkey Day!

Well there wasn't really any way to get good Donkey day photos... LOTS of clouds, Thunder and the heavy rain is coming this way... so I couldn't get out to take photos this morning. In fact as I type now... it is coming down in buckets! That is great we are still way short on rain around here.

So how about this week for Donkey Day.. I show some of the babies.. then... and now...

First up.. My very first baby born here Diego... he is one of my largest mini's now.. we gelded him, as he is way to large to be a stud... and I just couldn't sell him as he was my very first :0)

It was really cold the week he was born.. :0)

Then how about Rafael - "Raffie" we purchased him when he was just a month old. And the breeder was nice enough to loan us his Mom and let us bring them home until he was weaned so we could bond with him as a baby. He was a Gorgeous little guy and is turning out to be a fantastic stud bringing us some wonderful spots.. and mostly all girls!

Then lets see... how about two of my girls that are really buddies now.. Irene and Josie... Irene is the oldest of the two - and was my first spotted donkey born! Raffie isn't her dad.. we purchased her Mom already bred... Irene was our bonus donkey.. and now Mom (Patti) and Irene both can be bred with Raffie.. to make more spots!!

This is Josie with her Mom Jolene... she was a tiny baby....

And she is looking like she is going to be a seriously tiny little lady!!! OH my our smallest Miniature yet! In this photo here with Irene.. she is 7 months old... she hasn't grown much from here.. And SWEET.. that comes from being with Rosie and Irene.. both really sweet.

Well sorry I couldn't get any current photos today.. but I hope you enjoyed a few of the babies all grown up ;0) I am going to try and snap photos during the week as I can this week as the weather says rain all week and I don't want to chance not getting photos two weeks in a row....

Oh and yesterday at the airport seeing off my Sister's Family to Disney World was amazing!!! American Airlines and Dream Factory really did go all out and Tagen as well as his sisters were grinning from ear to ear and over the moon excited! Balloons everywhere.. gifts.. cake ... cookies.. cameras They had signs all over the airport saying Happy Birthday to Tagen - it was huge! And guess who forgot her camera...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! I had it on the kitchen table next to the journals... I did remember to pick those up - but forgot the camera! I'll post photos as soon as I get copies from someone there. I have heard from my Sister - she says it is unbelievable there, and the resort they are at is a childs.. or in her case an adults dream come true! No one deserves it more than their family!

HUGS and have a wonderful Saturday!!


BethW said...

Their eyes are incredible-so soulful. I think that's what makes my heart melt everytime.

Janiel/ janny said...

Hi Michelle, I love to come and see phot's of your cute little babies... It is rainy here also. I welcome it here as it don't do it much. Have a great day!!
hugs, janny

Leah l'Orange said...

oh Michelle, i love your saturday posts! your donkeys are the cutest little things... Josie is so tiny! and Raffie is just the loveliest little man. <3 thank you for sharing!

jacque4u2c said...

What CUTIES!!!

Danni said...

They are just the cutest! Sure wish we lived closer to you so my kiddos could see these...they'd love them.

Shelly said...

It was fun to see the then and now photos. They are so sweet.

Dawn said...

Awwww double squeal look at Diego with his wee jacket on - is that just the most adorable thing ever!!!
thanks for tkaing the time to give us your baby photos LOL!!
It's getting a lot colder here in Scotland now - Grrr!!


Jo said...

Hi Michelle, your donkeys are so gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I am so pleased your family are having a fab time and are being looked after well. Look forward to hearing about their trip when they get back. Jo x

Redlady said...

Hi Michelle.
I look forward every week to seeing how your little ones are going. Everyone of them is gorgeous.
You and hubby must get so much love and affection from them (Plus some worries)
Hope the family have a lovely time on holiday.
It's pouring down here in 'sunny 'Australia.
Take Care'
Hugs Hilda

TA Carbone said...

Hi Michelle
Wow it has been awhile since I have been on any blogs but had to come and visit yours and catch up on Donkey Days. Sorry about your loss but glad the little man picked up to everything. Summer is over so lets hope better days for the donkeys ahead.


Cynde said...

Michelle love seeing the old pictures of your first babies and how they have grown. So glad your Sister's family is off and having a terriffic vacation together. Sweet Tagen and all he's been thru. So glad they are there and at a great place for kids! Hugs, Cynde

DawnMarie said...

I just love the pics of the donkeys, whether they are old pics or new they are all gorgeous. Glad Tagen and his family are having a wonderful time, it is very much deserved. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx