Saturday, October 17, 2009

Donkey - Libbie - Gato Day!!

Well I got LOTS of photos this week! Sun was shining and everyone was in a happy playful mood! So no time wasted chatting...

Carlos - A handsome little guy - notice I don't say baby any more! They are all getting so grown up and big! He is just a angel...

Well most of them.. heck some of the time... well he is cute anyway!

Felicia... she is so adorable - I mean look at those bangs - I have no worries about this little one getting cold this winter... she has LONG fur!! Cute!
And you know I had to show "MY" baby.. Sergio - I don't show favoritism but.. my little guy is a real love... he has a wild side and plays really hard with his brother, but he also has a calm sweet side and love to get hugs.

Mirta... oh she is a cutie too - can't believe she will old enough to wean really soon!! And she is still so little. And very adorable!

With all of the baby photos ... oops "youth" photos, I bet you think I have forgotten about all of the other donkeys.. but no.. they get their lovin's too! Angelina.. "Lina" she is JUST like her Mom Macey (also Felicia's Mom) She is short.. and wide (big boned) had gorgeous eyes and is calm and sweet.
And a Rosie update... she has had a really rough summer. Really rough. I don't talk about her much.. I guess it I haven't wanted to talk about her, cuz I didn't want keep saying how sick she was. But last month she really got very scary skinny.. again. But she gets her special fattening food twice a day in a special private pen, then goes back to into the youth pen. It seems to be working and she is putting on weight, still way to skinny but.. she is gaining. This photo really doesn't show how skinny... her winter fur is really growing in... heck they are all getting really long full hair. I think it is going to be a cold winter!

Libbie... my little baby... what can I say - spoiled, waste my time getting hugged, held and loved on, adorable... and totally loved!
And it has been forever since you have seen Gato... all grown up - a pretty kitty... and again spoiled she runs the house - :0) And along with Libbie - they tear up the house!

Hope you enjoyed Saturday... And again thanks for letting me share them one day a week ;0)
HUGS and-


Jóna said...

Thanks Michelle, for let us following along with your adorable animals. Me and my daughter love to look at the pictures and see what is going on :o) I didn't know how furry the donkeys would be, they are just like the Icelandic horses in wintertime :o)

Have a great weekend,
hugs, Jóna

Leah l'Orange said...

:) such a sweet family, Michelle!

i hope Rosie bounces back and is running crazy like the rest of them! she is just lovely!

i would like to take Felicia to bed to cuddle. :) do you think she'd mind?

Nicola said...

I look forward to Saturday mornings. One of the first blogs I check is yours to see how all of your fur babies are doing. I absolutely love your once a week updates.


Jilli said...

Awww so cute. Where would i be without your donkey Saturday! Your photos are a pleasure to see and its nice to read about each donkeys progress. Thank you Jillix

Cynde said...

I love Saturday photos Day! They are all just too stinkin Cute!! I can see just how happy they all are from the pictures. I know you have a very giving and loveing heart to have so many lovely animals. Thanks for sharing the pictures and progress of all of them, with us. You sell Tour tickets I'm sure! Big hugs, Cynde

Dawn said...

Awww some more fnatastic photos and how have your babies grown... they sure do like fine!!
And look at that cheeky wee face of Libbie's soooo adorable and hey how great to see GAto too!

Have a great weekend


Dawn said...

Awww some more fnatastic photos and how have your babies grown... they sure do like fine!!
And look at that cheeky wee face of Libbie's soooo adorable and hey how great to see GAto too!

Have a great weekend


Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle another fab set of Donkey um (Animal day) photos i really look forward to seeing your post.Thanx so much for sharing and i,m so glad thry are all thriving.
Trish (-:

Anonymous said...

I just love the Donkey updates...Will keep little Rosie in my prayers...they are so like our children, we can't bare to have them sick...


Shelly said...

I so enjoyed the photos of your sweet animals, Michelle. I didn't realize that donkeys grew a winter coat. I learned something new today. :)

Danni said...

I always look forward to these Saturday posts!! Always makes me smile!

Annie said...

thanks for sharing your fur baby pics with us Michelle, the family is certainly growing up fast!
hugs, annie x

DawnMarie said...

Wonderful photo's Michelle. I really hope Rosie keeps improving. The babies all look fab and their winter coats look so cozy and warm. Libbie and Gato are so grown up now but still know how to tear around the place lol. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Jo said...

Ohhhhhh, they're all fluffy!!! So different to last weeks piccies, I so look forward to the weekends Donkey pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. Jo x

TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle you know i LOVE your Blog and your animals and just love to see them all. Today it made me smile a little because I had a very sad day today with my Pooh-Bear. I don't know if you ever read but my husband got me him before he passed away and today 5 days before his 10th birthday my Pooh-Bear passed away from Lymphoma. I had to make the decision and decided before he started to really feel the pain and loose control it was better he left this world the same way he came to me with a bunch of kisses. Give your Libby and extra hug from me


Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos Michelle & your new creations are as stunning as ever. Hope Rosie continues to improve.