Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Dark Donkey Day and yes Libbie too -

Man I hate this Fall time change!!! We thought it would be fun when Hubby got home last night to take carrots out to the Donkeys for Donkey Day photos - he got home at 5:45... it was already getting dark! Not good for taking photos let me tell you! I was going to get up this morning and take better photos for today, got up at 6am and went and looked out the window.. yes sun is up, but I can't see any donkeys!!! The fog is so heavy I can't see 10 feet! Oh well - guess this week we are just going to have to do with Dark photos -

You can see here they love their carrots!!! This is even after they had calmed down. The three big donkeys are so funny, they move with us from pen to pen and get way more than their share of the carrots. You can tell of the mini's which ones really do LOVE the carrots - the farther their neck is out the more they love them. (Darlene has the longest neck in this pen!) Others just stand there and if they get one Woo Hoo! If not oh well they were in on the action. We try and be fair and hand out evenly, but sometimes they just aren't into carrots.. and the ones that are, very happy to take another ones share. The babies get right in there and fight for a place at the fence. They won't eat the carrots yet, we bite little pieces off for them even, nope they just don't have the taste for them yet. ( sorry about the flash in their eyes... I hate dark photos!)

Even Black Jack gets a few... now mind you he WILL NOT join in on the mass group feeding. Way beyond dignified, he is stud and is King of the pen. He just stands off to the side and we sneak a few over to him. I say sneak because if one of the "Ladies" see us taking a carrot to him, they run him off so they can get it... King... LOL We know who really runs the pens... the women!

Vickey loves carrots... Mirta is still not to sure about them... But her Mom will gladly take her share.
How about a Mom to be update? It has been awhile since we have been on baby watch. No not to close yet- at least another month or more... who is in line this Winter? Darlene (yes she ALWAYS has a very wide load... big boned girl anyway) Patti, Bella and Jolene are all due this winter! Yes 4 more babies coming this winter!!
Now this is a HORRIBLE photo... I know, I really didn't plan on showing it, really out of focus, and that dark night flash in Jazz's eyes... but then I saw it... she looks to be smiling - she loves carrots too! :0)
Well here is Libbie this morning - SHE LOVES my new craft room, her and Gato, the cat, both do. I think it is the "new" and the well big room not much in it and it echo's really loud! That little dog had one very loud high pitch bark... kind of like an ice pick in your ear! She loves to hear that in here!! Sorry the floor is so dirty - still a construction area... but 1/2 the room is painted! Oops you are getting a sneak peek of the color I picked :0)

Sorry the photos weren't so great this week... dark, blurry and all. But some weeks it is the best there is, LOL ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

HUGS and-


liza said...

awww they are all cuties,

love n hugs

Kittie said...

I love seeing these donkey photos every time you post them. They are great even though it was a little darker than normal.

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

These pics still looked good to me. LOVE the pic of Jazz smiling, it's a great pic. Thats the first thing I had noticed about it. What a prego belly, holy donkey. I am so glad us women do not get that wide, even though I felt that wide with my 9 lb 4 oz daughter and I was overweight to begin with. NOT a pretty site. They must get so uncomfortable and she still has a month or more to go, poor girl. She deserves mny extra carrots for her troubles :) Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. I always look forward to my saturday mornings at my computer :) Hugs from NY, Robin

Jo said...

Michelle these piccies are as fab as ever, I love them all but especially the one of Jazz smiling. Libbie must be the most photographed little dog ever, she is just so cute. Looking forward to next Saturday and all of your great cards. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Jo x

Danni said...

Lovin' the photos!! Have a happy day!

Sheila said...

I adore your photos - dark and all they are just so cute! Like your choice of new room color - can't wait for the big reveal.

Betty J Schaub said...

Michelle, I haven't been around here in a while. But I popped in today and I'm so glad I did. I loved all the photos of the donkeys. ESP... Jazz's photo. She does look sooo happy! TFS.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! can Darlene possibly get any wider! and she still has a month to go, oh my! thanks for sharing the pics, and for the sneeky peek at your new (blue) craft room!
hugs, annie x

Jilli said...

Thanks for sharing your photos ... i love donkey day! Poor Darlene! Loving the colour of the craft room ... it looks the same as the colour of my kitchen! Jillix

Diamond Doll said...

Fab photos Michelle Thanx for sharing them with us once again.
Trish (-:

Rufus said...

Ohh, the babies are growing up so fast! Love Jazz's smile! As for Darlene I feel for that girl! Is it a trick of the light or are the walls in your craft room the same hue as Libbie's eyes??

Shelly said...

I loved the photos. Darlene doesn't look like she can go another moth without popping. :) I can't wait to see the rest of your craft room.

Kirsten Alicia said...

I hate the time change too, but I love these new pics, although the pic of poor Darlene makes me squirm a little!! :) :) It's fine for Black Jack to believe he's the boss, but the ladies know who's really in charge - THEM!!!!! :) :)

BA said...

they are all cute but libbie is adorable
xoxo BA

Maria Jesus said...

wow Michelle, Darlen is big and still another month wow

Nice to see your pics :)