Monday, November 23, 2009

This can't wait until Saturday :0)

HI! I don't have a card to show today - man getting ready for Thanksgiving is really stressing me out this week! Maybe it is the fact that most of my bedroom and some of my craft stuff is in my Living room and Dining room still! LOL   We worked all weekend, it is looking so wonderful!!! Today is a major clean up day things must be put into place! And actually I worked a lot yesterday at unboxing and really got a lot done. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel - and we might have this all done and ready to show off to our family on Thanksgiving - now somewhere in there I do still need to clean the rest of the house, and cook a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings for 13 people.. but oh well somehow that will all come together. I hope!

So you see why I don't have a card today - but last night we put a deposit on something and I am so excited I just have to share!!! Now we may need our heads examined. Re-doing the house, new goats we hadn't planned on and now.....   We have put down a deposit on Libbie's boyfriend!!!!! He is so adorable! Just over 2 weeks old so we are about a month away from bringing him home - but we already are so excited!

MEET... Autie!!!

The breeder was kind enough to send me a photo of this adorable little guy... and I think I am already in love with him!  Cute or what?   We saw him last week when we picked up the goats.. but his eyes were not opened and he was super super tiny! I can't believe how much he has grown in one week!

Now if you are asking where his name came from... well Hubby is a huge history buff  and when we first got Libbie we knew we wanted a boy one day as well. We thought it would be fun to name them as a couple - we went through lots of historical couples through the ages... and then we came to "Libbie and Autie"  Who is that you ask?  LOL most people look at me with a blank stare and don't know who they are. They are the endearing family nicknames for Elizabeth and George Armstong Custer - she called him Autie and he called her Libbie - - - Long story for our odd names huh? But we like them... :0)

Have a wonderful Monday - back tomorrow with a real card! LOL
HUGS and-


Archies Mum said...

You are such a lucky person. Another dog, goats, donkeys. You lead the life that I would absolutely love. Congrats, can't wait for Auntie to join your ever growing brood, and look forward to seeing more photos (please).

Diamond Doll said...

Awwwwwwwwww How adorable is Autie(fab name) Lucky you Michelle i bet you cant wait.Thanx for sharing this pic with us and Unlucky you making Turkey dinner for 13 Goodluck!
Trish (-:

Cards By MI said...

Such a cute little guy. It's so much fun to read about all your pets of all kind.
x Marie

Martina said...

Oh...this one is a real cutie-pie!!! I love him! How great you can have another dog! Ours died three weeks ago and we still her soo much!!! We can't take a new one as I work now fulltime and my FIL also died three weeks none is at home till 4 p.m.....and a doggie should have someone at home!

Helene said...

Oh my how sweet! What a great little puppy and fine name too...Congratulations!

Your craft room is pretty cool.


Anonymous said... are not nuts! He is beautiful and Libbie will be in 7th heavean with a fellow this cute!

I understand the picking of names all too well...

Hugs - Karen

Give the Donkey's and goat's a hug from me! =)

Danni said...

Awww, he is just the sweetest!! How wonderful!

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, he is adorable, you are so lucky and I hope Libbie appreciates what you are doing for her!!! You are going to be busier than ever! Hugs Jo x

Penni said...

Oh so so cute !!!


Cazzy said...

Such a cutie. Are there any more animals? Must be something you don't have yet!

Cazzy x

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Oh my, Autie is sooo cute! A perfect boyfriend for Libbie, can't wait to see more pics of him!

Jay Jay

DawnMarie said...

Oh Michelle what a cutie!!! How lucky is libbie and what a lovely story of how you came upon the names. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Kittie said...

There is nothing in the world sweeter than a new puppy or kitten. Autie is absolutely darling. Can't wait to see pictures of his growth and hear about his baby pranks, etc! Congratualtions!!!!!

Anne said...

Congratulations on your newest addition to your menagerie! Autie is SO adorable! Can't wait to see more of him after you bring him home! TOO cool!

Appreciated the explanation on the name! I was a bit curious ;-) Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

TA Carbone said...

Congratulations. I guess Libbie's boyfriend may be home for Christmas or the New Year then


Sheila said...

What a little sweetheart, Autie, looks to be. I love the story behind the names. Bet you can't wait to get him home. Try not to stress yourself too much over getting things done. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
God Bless!