Saturday, September 4, 2010

Animal Crackers - Macie had her baby!

Yes, in the middle of a thunderstorm Macie went into labor! But the outcome is a gorgeous little baby boy!! And Macie did a great job, waiting until just as the rain stopped, and she delivered with no problems in about 20 minutes -
Macie is on guard - she is SUPER protective, probably the most of all the moms... now please don't say anything to her about the "baby weight" she still has.. we will try and trim her down some now that the baby is born.. oh and the baby!! HE is just stunning - a dark grey with a black nose - He has a white "star" on his forehead. 

See told you - he is just stunning - We named him Jorge :0)  And in a few days I am sure he will be flying around the pen playing with his 1/2 brother Felipe... now Mom won't let him more than 2 feet from her -
Traditional Day one photo with Dad of course - Macie wasn't happy, but she trust Dad more than the other donkeys right now.
Poor little Felipe really had to have some loving though - he was feeling a little old hat if you know what I mean. Too Sweet - love this photo...
Got a great photo of Pepita - man she is a stunning little, tiny black donkey - looks just like her father Black Jack. It has taken all summer for her to shed her baby/winter fur, and so worth the wait!! Now that I am looking at this photo.. it may not show all her looks at the best right now, just had a thunderstorm, she is soaking wet and had rolled in the mud.....  even with all that she is a looker!
Got a good photo of Annie. She is so curious lately, watching everything so close. This girl was major skittish when we got her last November. She now keeps some space but doesn't run from us, I can usually pet her nose if I move   r   e   a   l   l   y        s    l    o   w  ...

No dog photos today. I was unhappy with them after coming in from taking photos of the donkeys and goats. Autie is horrible right now pulling things out of the trash can - newspaper is one of his favorites - it shreds in a million pieces so easily you know :0) ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

Gotta run - it is the official get new eye day! 
HUGS and thank you all so much for all the amazing support!!


Lorraine A said...

aww ,, such sweet photo's michelle ;-) I WANT ONE !!! :)aww

Oh wow !! good luck today ,,, not that you need it ,, am sure all will be BRILL !! :-)

Lols x x x

Irena said...

Michelle, good luck today!
We are with you, be strong, everything will be ok.
Great photos.

Strong hugs and many smiles for you, Irena

ribenaruby said...

Hi Michelle, what fab pics, great to read your posts once again and wishing your day goes well, by the way love the new look!

Jolita said...

Congrats with this beautiful newborn donkey!! He's GORGEOUS and so is Felipe!

How are you doing Michelle?


Jo said...

Gorgeous photos as always Michelle, and such a cutie he is stunning. Hope all goes well for you today. Hugs Jo x

Anonymous said...

Love that you share your new babies!! Good luck today hugs Ann

Brooke said...

Congratulations on the new baby, Jorge. He's adorable.
Good luck with your office visit today.

Carol Dee said...

Sweet babies. Love the one of you DH and Felipe. Awww.
YEAH, it is eye day. I am so excited I can't imagine how excited you must be.
Keep us posted. Hugs....

Caroljenks said...

Michelle how cute is Jorge - we were only looking at the rear view pics of Macie the other day and hubby couldn't get over her size! And to think all the while there was that bundle of gorgeousness cuddled up in there!

Hope the eye goes well today :)

Carol x

Rufus said...

Oh, your newest darling, Jorge is soooo cute! I promise not to mention to Macie that it looks like she's still got Jorge's sibling in there. All your babies are looking their best today, some really fab pictures. Hope that the rest of the day went as well as the picture taking part!

DawnMarie said...

Awww babies always make me smile. Whether they are wet, mucky or naughty (autie).xx

Heidi said...

Oh man, I don't know which one is sweeter Jorge or Phillipe, I guess I would just have to take them both! LOL..... I just love their coloring.

Anonymous said...

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