Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Magnolias - Cracked Glass??

It is Friday and time for Just Magnolias! This week is our monthly technique - Cracked Glass! Now don't let this worry you. We have decided that since sometimes the technique challenges have products that you many not have on hand we don't want that to stop you from joining us in playing. So if you have the products and want to join us for the technique great - or if not, we say Anything Goes! Now how is that for making it easy?

For the Cracked Glass thingy - - - It has been forever since I have played with my UTEE and this technique and I had a lot of fun. Did have a mess to clean up, warning... don't turn your heat gun on pointed at the open UTEE bottle... LOL

Now for all the instructions on how to do Cracked Glass - visit the Just Magnolia's site - see all the DT's work and the link is there for the instructions. 

While deciding my plan for what I wanted work with and give the glass look - I came across the port hole from the summer stamp club... seemed like something that could be cracked so I went with it. How I came to this I have no idea...HA!
My pattern papers are the new DCWV Blue Jeans stack, really fun papers, I thought for a country- cowboy look.. but well - I guess the sailor bad girl look too! :0)  I sewed down the layers, the brown leather is actually part of the red paper - so that was easy there. I added my port hole, with the cracked glass, and then I cut out my Tilda on her rope ladder and tried to make her like she was climbing the wall. The "bling" was part already a flourish, and part me cutting it apart and making it fit. I love the epoxy sticker, it is from Creative Imaginations. I don't know who I would send a card saying "No Boundaries" too... but Tilda seems to have no boundaries so it works right?

Here is a close up of Tilda and my cracked glass port hole -
Was fun - I think I will leave the supplies where I can get to them and do this again! Now pop over and see the other DT's Cracked projects - WOW these girls blow me away! I love their work!

Ok, EYE Update - - yesterday was my "fitting" for my new eye and well... I am wearing one of the two she made! Fits perfectly, now I am still wearing a frosted lens on my glasses, why you ask? Well this eye is the model and not painted, so it is clear. Not something to show off. I was thrilled the fitting went so well, and to not get weird.. that my eyelid started working again as soon as she put it in! That was something I didn't know.. your eyelid will not open and close if you don't have an eye... she explained it like this...  Will you windshield wipers work with out the glass windshield in? Never thought about it, but uh no I guess not. :0 )  So anyway, now that I have an "eye" again I can blink - wink and everything that I am suppose to.  Saturday I will go in for a morning of painting the "real" eye and then later Saturday afternoon I can pick up my finished eye and will be all done for at least 6 months! (Then just  a check up and an eye polishing/cleaning)  YEA!!!

I'll see you tomorrow for some Animal Crackers!
HUGS and-


Judi said...

Oh, WOW! This card is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Judi xxx

Lynn said...

Hi Michelle, What a beautiful card and I just the colors, and ofcourse cute little Tilda :)
PS: So glad you are on the mend, you cerainly worried us for a time.
Lynn xx (Australia)

Carol Dee said...

WOnderful eye news. I am so excited for you. :)
Todays card is CUTE. Love the denim and red with a sailor card. Who would have tried it? YOU
and it is perfect.
TGIF Hugs...

sharyn davis said...

I didn't know that about the eyelid not blinking, how cool is that! I'm proud as punch of you Michelle, you deserve at the very least, a few more copics or several reams of paper.
love ya,

TA Carbone said...

Michelle I just love the way you changed your clog, its WONDERFUL and the picture is GREAT


TA Carbone said...

Congratulations on the eye fitting and everything working ok. You are a strong person, stronger then you think, and this make everything run smooth for you


Rufus said...

WOWSA!!! LOVE this card! LOVE it!
I'm so happy that everything went well at your fitting and now your "windshield wipers" are working again. LOL, funny but it does make sense.

Lorraine A said...

Fantastic card Michelle :-) I love how you put these stamps together ,, brilliant idea and I love the cracked glass look ,,, perfect stamp to use for that !! :-)

Lols x x x

Melissa Craig said...

Congratulations Michelle! I am so thrilled for you that you are getting a new eye and that your eyelid immediately started responding! That is fabulous!!

Your card is gorgeous! And you are certainly an inspiration in even with a few set backs in our life - we can perserve and move forward.

I have attempted Cracked Glass before and simply put - I am horrible at it!!

Many hugs to you,

Riet said...

What a beautiful card Michelle,I love the images and the colours.
So gorgeous papers and the details.

Hugs Riet.xx

Anonymous said...

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