Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soggy Animal Crackers

A Late - WET Animal Crackers today! Sorry - When I got home from the Scrapbook Convention yesterday late afternoon, a horrible storm was blowing in, really blowing in hard too! Whew, was great practice for my driving on the highway though :0) So I had to get up early this morning and get out there and take my photos this morning.

Now it was still a bit dark when I went out at first, so this isn't a great photo -but Oh how I love it! I just had to show it off to you.. Daddy had just put out some fresh hay, and how funny is it that the Moms and their kids were sided correctly at the fence? Felipe is only a couple of weeks older than Jorge, but look at the size difference, but look at their Moms. Same thing ;0) Jazz is one of our larger donkeys, Macie is a bit smaller (height not width.. LOL)  These two boys are just adorable, Felipe is Mr. Personality, and finally Jorge is allowed to come and get attention too! He is a sweetie - he is really loving the under the chin scratches now that Mom allows him some room to roam!
Miss Lydia turned to see me, she still had a mouth full of breakfast, but she finished it up and came to the fence for a good morning. This little girl is really stunning in person, her coat is gorgeous brown and she has a beautiful mane.
Speaking of stunning - Chloe, oh my she is so pretty! Those ice blue eyes with that pretty coat - I just wish she wasn't so skittish. Darn it! But since she was born just a few days after my accident I just wasn't allowed to sit out there and play with her like I did Lucy and her brothers and sister. Now that group of kids are friendly! Next babies I will do the same, just makes me ill that Chloe won't climb up in my lap and let me love on her, she is getting a bit better and does occasionally let me touch her nose. Maybe in time.....

Now SHHHH we have some sleepers here -
Caught this one of Gato the other day with my camera phone... she sleeps in such funny positions. She likes her eyes to be covered so the light doesn't bother her. This is one of two of her window beds - she loves to cat nap in the windows. Usually the windows are open for her....

Another photo captured with my phone.. LOL if I had moved an inch he would have jumped and I would have lost the chance for the photo -
Oops he heard me laughing.. and flipped over.  Don't worry he went right back to sleep, just not in as funny of position.

Well that is all for today! Hope they gave you a smile :0)

Got some great goodies at the Scrapbook Convention... so tomorrow I will start a Blog Candy!! Have a great Saturday!
HUGS and-


BethW said...

They all look wonderful and happy. So glad you are you back in the swing of things. You are such a blessing and inspiration to all of us.

Yvonne said...

The pictures gave me a very big smile! Great one of the little boys and there moms :-)!! If I look at the sleeping beautys, I wish I was one of them ;-) Big hugs, Yvonne

Carol Dee said...

You have such lovely babies there. I see you gave Anna some advice for Boxcar Betty. silly goat! Chloe is really pretty. I love the way Gato was sleeping. CATS! Hugs all around.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hee hee hee, look at Autie! How cute! But also Gato, Chloe and the donkeys! Thanks for another cute animal crackers.


Terrie said...

Just love the critter pix. I can tell by the comments you love them very much.

Jo said...

Love them all, thanks for sharing Michelle. Hugs Jo x

Caroljenks said...

More gorgeous family pics Michelle :)
I'm sure Chloe will realise what she's missing one day ;)

Carol x

Lorraine A said...

awww ,, sooo cute !! :-) fabulous photo's :-)


helencreaty1 said...

oh, those pic are so cute, your animals ar so charming =), i love them, and the pic that made me laugh was " the big cat sleeping " =)
great pics
thanks for sharing them

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing at your cat, a little healthy but so funny sleeping like that. You would think that their backs would kill em. Oh and those babies, I just want to come and visit to just love on them (I know mom probably wouldnt let me though). So cute.

DawnMarie said...

Wonderful pics Michelle. Love animal crackers day! Glad you enjoyed your shopping day at the craft fair.xx

MadeByKarla said...

Your animals are adorable! I just recently saw and interacted with miniature donkeys. They are sweet and wonderful! I'd love to hava a home like yours some day, full of animal crackers, lol!

Sonia said...

So cute!!... Thanks Michelle for sharing all this pictures.