Saturday, October 23, 2010

Animal Crackers - Some News.. and JUMPING Goats!!

Saturday! Animal Crackers day! First... Hubby went and added to our "Livestock"... We were coming home the other day and past the home of Ted E. Bears parents. There was a new baby - we love to stop and visit Teddies Mom and Dad and Little Brother or Sisters. They always find great homes for the babies, and they are usually nice, but not quite as friendly as Teddie. He is just super outgoing. Well.. the new Little Girl "Juliet" is just as outgoing as her older brother. We loved on her, and got in the car and came home. A few hours later Hubby came in the back door and said.. "Oh by the way - we own another standard donkey" With a big Grin on his face. He called them, and said he wanted her. I knew it... this is why we have so many donkeys and why when we first married we had 6 cats at one point. The guy is a big sweetie.... And I have to admit, if Juliet is even 1/2 as sweet as Teddie... she will be very loved -
 While out taking photos yesterday evening... Chloe was on the old dog house. The Goats love the top of the old dog House. They stand on it and even sleep up on top of it. But the best thing about the dog house.......
 JUMPING OFF OF IT!!! YEEEEE HAWWWW!!!!  How great is this photo! Can't believe I caught it! I was so proud!
 And then I caught Jill jumping too! She may be little.. but she can do all that the big goats can!
 I got a great photo of Marisa - is that a face or what! She is such a sweetie, tall... but a sweetie :0) I am hoping to capture her running this week - she has really been given some freedom from her Mom Patti - and she LOVES running, bucking and kicking. She is faster than both of her much older 1/2 Sister and 1/2 brother - It is those really long gorgeous legs.

Well that is all for today - it was getting a little dark - as the Internet repair guy was here late afternoon. Yes, a new Modem, and part of a new Dish and we have Internet - that seems to working pretty darn good so far. Now this is the first thing I have done on it.. but hey it loaded my photos much quicker and hasn't logged off so far so that is an improvement in my books! YEA!!!

And yes, I know there are no Libbie or Autie photos this week... If I counted correctly and the rolly polly bellie on Libbie is pregnant and not just gaining 3-4 pounds in one month (remember she only weighed 11 pounds 60 days ago). We should have babies this coming week - I AM SO NERVOUS! So I am really hoping all goes well - and I will return at some point to show off really tiny puppies. OH I AM SO NERVOUS!!!!

HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

Love the jumping goat photo, they sure have fun at your place! Congrats on the newest addition. And can't wait to see those babies :) Hugs...

Caroljenks said...

Michelle these photos are fab! That gorgeous face of little Marisa, how beautiful is she! Your pictures of Jill and Chloe are great - they are really having fun and congratulations with Juliet - she's one lucky girl to be coming to live with you.
I'm sure all will go fine with Libbie.....just remember the breathing (you, not Libbie!), I can't wait to see the photo's - I'll be keeping a close eye on my Blog List all week,

Carol x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, fantastic photos - look at those goats go!!
Welcome to Juliet & I can't wait to hear about Libbie - so exciting & yes, nerve-wracking for you. Fingers crossed. Hugs.

Anne said...

OOH, that is SUCH exciting news about Libby! I can't wait to see her pups! I'm sure that they'll be absolutely adorable!

DawnMarie said...

Oh lol Michelle, those pics of the goats jumping are just wonderful! No wonder you are proud, they are fabulous! How lovely is your hubby eh? Surprising you with a new baby! Looking forward to seeing pics. AND puppy pics too! Hope Libbie is ok and it all goes well. Have a good week.xx